Changing Big Food’s Death Grip

May 9 is hopefully going to be a game-changer, a historic day for health around the world. Millions of eyes will be opened and lives will be saved. Hearts will start to get healthier. Cancer and diabetes will start to lose their deadly momentum. And at last, the health-destroying substance at the root of so much illness and disease— sugar – is going to be outed.  And the food industry will have a tough time stuffing it back in the closet.  

So, how is all this going to happen? Well it’s going to start with the release of Fed Up, the documentary, which blows the doors off the food industry’s secret and not-so-secret sugar-packed practices that are fueling the obesity epidemic and contributing to a host of other ills that are making millions sick or killing millions more long before their time. 

As a health evangelist and passionate believer in life without sugar-laced processed foods, I am thrilled to share with you a few words from my fellow health warrior, award-winning producer Laurie David. Her vision of a healthy, sugar-free future is hopefully about to change everything:

I recently had a conversation with Laurie David, the producer. (Laurie also happens to be the Producer of the Oscar winning “An Inconvenient Truth”)

Dr L – What inspired you to make Fed Up?

Laurie David: We felt like no one had taken a truly comprehensive look at the obesity epidemic, the real factors behind it, so we set out explore the historical developments, the environmental factors and the science that contributed to this profound public health crisis.  

Dr L – What did you discover about sugar while making this film?

Laurie David:  That it’s addictive. Research shows it’s more addictive than alcohol and tobacco. It alters the brain chemistry to produce cravings. We’re not talking about the two teaspoons you put in your coffee. We’re talking about the loads of sugar that’s added to all the foods we are eating every day. Of the 600,000 items sold in the supermarket, 80% have added sugar.

Dr L  – What can we do to combat the negative side affects of sugar?

Laurie David:  That’s the good news of the film: WE CAN do something. There is a growing demand to remove fast food and vending machines from our schools.  People are adding school gardens  and cooking school lunches from scratch.  We can also solve this with a cutting board and skillet. We have to start cooking fresh, real food again. Our hope is that Fed Up can be a catalyst for honest discussion and action. We can’t just change one thing however, we have to change a lot of things.

Dr L  –  There’s a Fed Up challenge coming up. Can you tell us more about that?

Laurie David:  Yes! For 10-days we’ll be cutting out all added sugar. Giving up sugar will be tough because sugar is everywhere and we all crave it, but it can be done if we take it on together. None of us can do this alone.

We’re asking people to join us in this challenge. To join, just go to sign-up, and on May 12th, you’ll get the first of 10 tips on how you can go sugar free with us! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and the #FedUpChallenge to stay up to date and share how the Sugar free challenge is going for you!  You can view the trailer here.

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