Cleanse Detox: 7 Reasons Why The Be Well Cleanse Is Better Than A Juice Cleanse

Cleanses, detoxes, juice fasts, they’re all the rage. Here are 7 key elements we feel are missing from a juice fast and why we feel our Be Well Cleanse is the way to go.

1. A juice detox does not provide the liver with the essential nutrients it needs to support optimal detoxification, which is important since your liver is your main detoxification organ.

2. A juice detox does not supply the fiber to “scrub” the intestines, bind toxins and promote their elimination.

3. A juice detox does not supply anti-microbials to eliminate the bad bacteria in the gut and maintain healthy flora.

4. A juice detox does not supply digestive enzymes to help the body break down food and assist digestion.

5. A juice detox  is just that – juices and no real food which can leave you feeling hungry and cranky . There is no meal plan that eliminates problem food and replaces them with nutritious whole foods instead.

6. A juice detox is often high in sugar which can spike blood sugars and make you “crash.”

7. The results of a juice fast are not sustainable, any weight lost is often regained once food is re-introduced. And you do not learn which foods you may be sensitive to and should avoid in the future.

On the Be Well Cleanse, you will have 2 shakes plus 2 small meals a day, so you won’t feel woozy from lack of food or nutrients – it’s not about starvation – or have to miss eating with your family or friends. Plus the Be Well Cleanse is completely transportable, the shakes and pills come in single-use packets and a blender bottle is included that makes it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

The Be Well Cleanse provides a comprehensive meal plan that eliminates the foods people are most sensitive to and outlines a list of nutritious whole foods to eat.

The Be Well Cleanse shakes contain a healthy dose of fiber to scrub the gut and aid in elimination and supplements provide both digestive enzymes and  anti-microbial herbs to get rid of bad bacteria in the gut.

While we are all for enjoying a green juice for a healthy nutrient boost, when it comes to an effective detox with long lasting benefits, there is just no comparison.

Share your experiences of cleansing with us in the comments section.

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