Be Well Success Story: ‘I lost 13 lbs. on the Be Well Cleanse, and it’s staying off!’

By Sandy Burton, as told to Katrine van Wyk

I was truly amazed how much easier a two-week Cleanse was than I previously thought. I felt no hunger or deprivation. It forced me to find new ways of nourishing myself and isn’t that what it’s all about?

What I am most excited about is how I now relate to food and hunger after the Cleanse. I am finally at a place where I have control over my moods, sleep, energy level, and hunger. What a great gift to give myself.  I make much better decisions about food now, and I find I am intrigued by good healthy nutrition. A major shift for me is my view of food as nourishment for my body rather than a reward.

Now that I am eating better, I also feel that my brain fog has lifted, and I feel more aware and awake. I lost 13 lbs on the Be Well Cleanse, and it’s staying off! My friend had me stand up and ‘do the twirl’ in a restaurant to see what I looked like, and now both family and friends are interested in what I’m doing because of the dramatic difference. I’m recommending the Be Well Cleanse to anyone and everyone who asks.

Before I did the Be Well Cleanse, sugar had a real hold on me. Sugar makes me not care what or how much I eat — I just lose all control. When I removed it from my eating, I found a better version of myself — the one I have been hoping was ‘in there somewhere.’ It is such a relief to be free from sugar. I have learned to plan ahead, bring good snacks and eat them whenever I’m feeling hungry, and I drink a lot more water than I used to. I now know that almost any high-quality restaurant has healthy alternatives for a meal so I can still eat out and enjoy social gatherings. I cook healthier foods for myself at home too — I have discovered that roasting vegetables is so easy and delicious!

I was so pleasantly surprised by the taste of the shakes on the Be Well Cleanse. I loved them so much I have continued using the Cleanse shake as my breakfast of choice even after I finished with the Cleanse. The Be Well team was so helpful in giving me ideas of how to prepare the shakes in the morning, and all of them have answered all my questions with such respect, understanding, and a supportive attitude. Thank you!

The Be Well experience? Life-changing. Simple as that.

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