From The Be Well Kitchen: Collard Green Wraps

Tis the season of parties and outdoor BBQs, but that doesn’t mean you have to load up on bread. You can have a gluten-free, grain-free delicious party and nourish your health at the same time!

The trick? Collard greens!

Why Raw Collard Greens Instead of Bread?

  • They are packed with vitamins, minerals (including A, C, K and calcium) and antioxidants for glowing, vibrant health – you can’t say the same about that white bun
  • They are gluten free and grain free
  • They are big and sturdy so they’re great as a sandwich, burrito or burger wrap
  • You’ll feel less stuffed, which means you can have more fun!

How to Use Collard Greens at Your Next Party?

Wash collard greens well, cut off the thick part of the stem, fill with fillings and roll up!

Collard Wrap

Ideas for Collard Wraps

  • Any kind of sandwich or burger
  • Hummus + veggies
  • Scrambled eggs and veggies with avocado
  • Burrito or taco fillings – don’t forget the guacamole and hot sauce!
  • Anything you’d normally stick between two slices of bread or inside a tortilla

Enjoy! What’s your favorite healthy BBQ trick?

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