Creating Your Very Own Zen Den

Have you ever taken a moment to look around your house, office, car, etc. and compared how it looks to how you feel? If your house is clutter free, do you feel spacious and calm? If your office is a heap of papers, does it invoke stress and anxiety in you? How about the reverse? Do your surroundings become disheveled or cleaner based on your frame of mind? Well, there are studies that prove this notion! Physical and emotional are always playing off each other, as we are discovering more and more with revelations around the mind-body connection. Body is not only your physical body, but your environment as well.

In my years counseling clients, I have encouraged them to analyze their surroundings and create living and working environments that are in line with the life they want to create. My Live Fearless and Free blueprint for daily living, which is the practical application of psychological concepts, includes creating a custom Zen Den. This doesn’t have to mean completely overhauling the house or gutting your work cubicle. It can be as simple as adding a colorful shawl or some live plants and pictures of loved ones to your space. It can also be as basic as taking the time to clean out the car, the pantry, and filing cabinets. Clutter is an energy drain, so clearing it not only frees your space physically but mentally as well. Creating a scared space around you and taking care of your environment reminds you to tend to the divine sacred space within you.

I also like to encourage people to set aside a space in their home as a dedicated Zen Den. It could be a corner or an entire room. The elements of your sacred space should mirror what calms, soothes, inspires, and uplifts you. My Zen Den is a table strung with white lights, some candles, statues of Buddha, Ganesh, and Shiva, a magnet of Wonder Women, a picture of Deepak Chopra ❤, photos of loved ones, and flowers. My assistant, Marie, lives in Miami where there’s mad traffic, and does a lot of driving, so she keeps her car pristine and has a Buddha statue in the center console to help her stay calm and focused. Whatever inspires you and wherever you need inspiration is perfect.

Creating a sacred space for meditation or to bring comfort is an act of radical self-care. Taking the time to build a space that soothes and nourishes you has a positive ripple effect. When you take care of you first, you have something to offers others.

Do you have a sacred space? Have you ever created a meditation altar? If not, I invite you to PIMP YOUR SPACE and get creative!

As always I am interested to hear your thoughts about this post so drop your comments and questions here!

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