Deborah Burns On Her Book: Look Great, Live Green

It’s about this time each year that my schedule turns upside down, and my routine goes right out the window. If you’re like me, as the hustle and bustle of holiday time reaches a crescendo, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay vigilant with my choices. Appetizer platters of calorie-laden puff pastries practically greet me at the door of each and every holiday party on my list. And, who can resist the open bar at company parties? Seems to me there are a million and one temptations coming at us from every direction. Peppermint canes, eggnog, cookies shaped like Christmas trees and snowmen, green bean casseroles and 7-layer salads….. it gets ridiculous.

But, holiday treats are a fraction of my real annual holiday concern. With a bit of healthy self control I can certainly resist the temptation to uncork that bottle of champagne or pop that 2nd-3rd and 4th, crab puff in my mouth. To me the bigger issue is what you’re ingesting that you aren’t even aware of! Your skin is your largest organ and each and every day it absorbs an endless stream of chemicals lurking everywhere, from your make up bag and scented lotions to the cleaners used to get our homes sparkling “clean” for Christmas guests. In the 15 minutes you have to get all dolled up for your after work Christmas party….a task that involves everything from hair spray, lotion, foundation, bronzer, mascara and lipstick, not to mention a spritz of perfume….you’ve done more damage to your body than eating your favorite bacon-wrapped water chestnut hour’s douver could ever do.

Well beyond the self-inflicted chemical beauty assault, comes the attack we launch on others. We’re clorox’ing our bathrooms and bleaching our sheets. We’re wrapping up scented beauty products that are literally dripping in chemicals and will have our loved ones doing the same after they use them.

I just couldn’t go through another holiday season without doing something about it. So, I sat down and wrote my first book, “Look Great, Live Green,” to out the totally unregulated beauty industry and its 60 Billion dollars in revenue for its unsafe and unhealthy practices. Inside you’ll find my “naughty” list of chemicals….as well as a “nice” list of product options…. and recipes to make safe and effective skincare right in your own kitchen.

After reading “Look Great, Live Green,” I hope you’ll be inspired to start the New Year with one very important resolution, to give up any dependency you might have on chemical products….all the while savoring each sip of champagne from your New Year’s night out.

The same traditions we have to celebrate the season with also work wonders for your skin. Try this skin renewing “New Years” masks at home. This mask is will naturally eat away your dead skin cells reveling a fresher more youthful you as well as it is filled with bioflavonoids, anti oxidants and other skin loving benefits to ring in the new year with a new glow.

  • 1/2 teaspoon champagne
  • 1/4 teaspoon pureed strawberries
  • 1/8 teaspoon coco powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon honey

Live Green,

Deb Burnes
Founder of sumbody skincare and Author of “Look Great, Live Green”