Disease Transformation

Over three decades ago, amidst a sea of healthy, young gay men whose consciousness and life-styles could be described as expansive, I celebrated a hard-earned freedom some people will never know. Then suddenly, many became very sick and started dying. I, too, became terminally ill. It wasn’t even called AIDS then, and HIV had yet to be discovered.

Those were the horror years: going to the hospital daily for myself or sick friends, going to memorial services, caretaking sick lovers. This poignant history, and the unique perceptions I’ve drawn from it, are what I bring to this writing. Disease has become a teacher of love and wholeness for me.

Disease transformation is the naturopathic shifting of our perception and experience of a disease. It is cultivating a transcendent perspective about our ailments that is nonlinear and multidimensional, evoking an experience of peace and spaciousness.

A shift in perception and experience of a disease can actually alter how an ailment chooses to manifest: becoming more aggressive or receding. Like all of us needing to be loved, disease responds well to acceptance and nurturance. Loving all parts of our selves, including the diseased parts, yields only love and renewal.

Disease transformation occurs below the cognitive mind, where a history of traumatic conflicts is locked in the body. By tapping into our most meaningful and primal energy vortex, we can access a potent resource for our journey toward wholeness. When energies are awakened and allowed for, the healing transformation is an organic, gentle process.

Focalizing for Disease Transformation allows a lightness to fill the air. Though subtle, this kind of shared pleasurable experience and energy expression is very restorative. It is exactly what we want in disease transformation: a shift from exhaustion and struggle to one of ease, insight and a grateful re-awakening.

Focalizing is a dynamic and effective process that allows us to respectfully set aside familiar thoughts and feelings and instead access our innate intelligence. It can benefit anyone who is in a crisis of consciousness, or in a state of feeling stuck, or feels trapped by life’s circumstances, including disease. We reconnect with a natural resource that conveys new perspectives, often illuminating previously unseen possibilities for moving forward with grace. In learning how to transform overwhelming life situations we can suspend our everyday thinking-mind to a timeless source of change. Focalizing allows us to develop a newly enlightened intelligence that becomes integrated in all aspects of our lives.

My personal experience with HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and addiction is that disease transformation graces a further awakening of holism. It provides the recovery of personal wholeness and transpersonal connection: a feeling of being whole and complete in oneself, with the cosmos, with nature, and with all things.

Reprinted from GoodTherapy.org – June 2011