Easy DIY Massage

Daily Candy came and shot some videos of me giving health tips to their readers. Here I describe how to do my favorite self massage exercise…releasing your feet with tennis balls, something I learnt at Rancho La Puerta.


  • This an awesome exercise which is so easy and requires only a tennis ball!!!

  • Lydia

    my poor achin feet…
    looks sooooooooooo good
    can't wait to try it…

  • my feet cramp and have for years … what could I do or what could I be deficient in?

  • Florence, try some Magnesium…500-800mg at night. Try the foot

    massage and stretch out your calves too. Hopefully doing that will


  • Dale

    Heard this interesting thing recently. Place a bar of soap under the sheet is okay at the foot of your bed. Foot cramps just go away.

  • Hollyhaupt

    love this body rolling work!! You can also use a pinky ball!! That works great too
    and you can add your hands spreading out your toes…( if you can imagine that ) you have to let of the hamstrings first so you can reach.. I'm happy to teach anyone these techniques Holly 212 255 6354

  • Hollyhaupt

    Very good instruction! I worked for Yamuna for five years.. I can't go a day without rolling something! I use these footsavers at my desk standing in front of my large computer this really saves my back!!

  • Edyayoga

    The world of self-treatment has evolved! Try the MELT Foot Treatment instead of a tennis ball. The MELT balls are specially designed for the feet and contain no chemicals so you don't have to worry about rubbing your feet on them everyday. And there are clear instructions and a DVD so you can feel confident about doing it.  Yamuna is great too, but you can't modify your pressure easily to make it less intense if you have sensitive feet. I am a MELT teacher but I make no money off recommending the balls, FYI. Go to http://www.meltmethod.com for more info