Artichoke Prep Guide
  1. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the halves into a medium bowl, and drop in the rinds (this is your acidulated water). Add cold water to a depth of 4 inches or so. Pull the rough outer leaves off the artichoke. You do this step by hand, because you have more control that way.
  2. Turn the artichoke upside down and cut off all the dark green leaves with a sharp paring knife, turning the artichoke in your hand while you slice with the other. Turn it right side up, trim the stem to 1 inch, and run the knife up the stalk to remove all the darker green peel around the stem.
  3. As you cut, keep dipping the artichoke and knife in the acidulated water to prevent oxidation. Cut off and discard the purple flower at the top, then scrape out the furry choke in the center. Keep the prepped heart in the acidulated water while you work on the rest of the artichokes you're going to use.
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