5 Easy Moves to Boost Your Energy In Just 15 Minutes

Those days happen when you just feel sluggish and tired. And, while the last thing you want to do is exercise, remember that energy creates energy! Moving your body and getting the blood and lymph flowing will actually give you an energy boost. When you’re feeling exhausted, it may not always be the best fit to go to an hour-long workout class, but 15 minutes of simple moves that you can do from the comfort of your home is the perfect boost your body needs to wake up and re-energize. Try this routine and modify it to your body and experience level.

Breath of fire

For two minutes

This is is a powerful breath exercise, originating from Kundalini, that instantly increases heat and energy in the body. Sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor. Place your hands in your lap or on your belly. Begin to forcefully exhale through your nose while pulling your navel in towards your belly to create an almost pump-like rhythm. The inhale will be automatic as the belly goes back out and the exhale more forceful. Keep going at a fast, rhythmic pace for about a minute or as long as you can manage. Finally, exhale all the air out. Hold your breath out for a few seconds before inhaling fully and relaxing your belly.

Sun salutations

For five minutes

This is a yoga routine that’s great for warming up the body while stretching and building strength at the same time. It incorporates an inversion and chest opener and chaturanga which builds upper body strength. Do two to five sun salutations, focusing on linking each move to your inhale and exhale. Deep breaths in — energizing yet calming to the body.

Jumping jacks

For two minutes

Old-school jumping jacks are a great all-body toner and they get all the juices flowing. Jumping and pumping the arms gets the lymph flowing and the blood circulating which is energizing and uplifting. Aim for 100 jumping jacks!

Bridge pose

For three minutes

This simple move is a great chest and heart opener. So many of us spend our day with our arms forward and our chest closed off, either typing on a phone or computer, holding a baby, cooking, cleaning, or simply with arms folded to protect ourselves from the world. To counter this, lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet placed flat on the floor under your knees. Lift your hips up and reach your arms alongside your body or clasp your hands under your body if that feels OK. Stay holding for three to five breaths then lower back down. Repeat three times.

Legs up the wall

For three minutes

Last but not least, get some restoration and rest! It’s a nice reboot and is designed to support your parasympathetic nervous systems. Swing your legs up against the wall and scoot your butt close to it. Allow the legs to flop open and rest on the wall. Place your arms in a 90-degree bend and with palms facing up (often referred to as a cactus shape in yoga) allowing your lungs lots of space to fill with air. Close your eyes, and if you have an eye pillow, place it over your eyes. Stay resting here for at least five minutes, allowing the fluids from your legs to drain. This pose is also amazing to do to help you relax right before bed.

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