Enhance Winter Immunity and Energy with Adaptogens

Adaptogens have been used for centuries for treating and preventing illness. With the growing stressors in our modern life and environment, there is a greater need to utilize adaptive herbs, berries, spices, tinctures, and medicinal mushrooms. These powerful substances replenish the energy of the cells to fight fatigue, while aiding our ability to cope with anxiety and stress. They also boost immunity due to their antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Being adaptive requires energy, therefore using adaptogen herbs helps enhance the mind and body so it can deal with the everyday stresses we encounter. They are also prized in Chinese medicine for their longevity and anti-aging benefits. Other benefits may include better cognitive function, increased sexual libido, and more physical strength.

Winter months can be very exhausting on the body with the cold weather and lack of sunshine, so this is the perfect time of year to start an adaptogen regime. The effects for adaptogens are not felt overnight and compliance is absolutely necessary when taking them. Starting with a targeted single Adaptogen can be beneficial for some, especially if you want to see how you react to a unique substance individually. A mixed formula supplement like our Adaptogen blend is also fantastic as you receive the benefits of many potent and powerful herbs together, and some adaptogen substances work better when combined with others.

Here are my six favorite Adaptogens individually; I personally enjoy supplementing and consuming teas and tinctures of many adaptogens at once to enhance the benefits of them all. As with food, quality and sustainability are key, so make sure to seek out high quality adaptogen herbs form reputable sources (such as Dragon Herbs or Mountain Rose Herbs).

1. Gynostemma
This herb contains over 100 saponins that help with adaptability. It is the prized longevity herb in Chinese tonic herbalism, and can ease stress while building energy. High in antioxidants, this is a strong immune booster.

2. Ginseng
This herb has a host of benefits, but most effectively helps energize the body and mind.

3. Ashwagandha
This herb is extremely beneficial for anyone dealing with adrenal fatigue or thyroid dysfunction, as it helps bring your body back into balance by stabilizing your hormones.

4. Schizandra
This berry is calming and balances the nervous system, while boosting circulation. It has been prized as a natural aphrodisiac and also an anti-aging herb by preserving youthful moisture to the skin.

5. Lions Mane
This mushroom is a prized neuro-regenerative supplement. It can help aid brain fog while calming and boosting cognitive function.

6. Holy Basil
This herb can help enhance physical endurance while also aiding sleep, brain fog, and exhaustion. It is very high in antiviral properties.

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