MY TOP 20 +13 EVOLUTIONS for 2013

Welcome 2013!

Resolutions — the very thought of them can send shivers down the spine, given the odds so many of them will be broken just days after New Year’s. With their high failure rate, it’s no wonder so many people resolve not to make them at all. However, I think we can do a bit better!

For 2013, I propose we re-think the idea of resolutions. Let’s re-name them evolutions and embrace the spirit of slow, steady, and long-lasting growth. Instead of breaking resolutions, let’s continue to be committed to evolution.  Let’s think of them to spur us on as we succeed, not demoralize us when we miss the mark. By working toward these little life adjustments, over time we’ll be able to create the best kind of changes – the ones that really stick, the ones that enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

In this spirit of inspiring growth and change, I present to you my annual list, which expands each year as I experience the feelings, actions and teaching moments that remind me to keep my heart and mind open every day. As I’ve said before, when I qualified as a Doctor at 26 years old, I thought I knew it all but 32 years later, I’ve learned there’s much more wisdom to explore and each new year represents countless opportunities to gain, share and enhance it. Here are my “evolutions” for 2013:

1.  More Real Food, Less Food-like Substances

2.  More Fruit and Vegetables, Less Sugar, Gluten and Dairy

3.  More Plant Foods, Less Animal products

4.  More Organic, Less Chemicals

5.  More Meditation, Less Worry

6.  More Music, Less Noise

7.  More Eating in, Less Eating out

8.  More Clean Products, Less Toxic Products

9.  More Water, Less Alcohol

10.  More Exercising, Less Sitting at the Computer

11.  More Outdoors, Less Indoors

12.  More Walking, Less Driving

13.  More Clarity, Less Clutter

14.  More Positive, Less Negative

15.  More Flexibility, Less Rigidity

16.  More Relation, Less Isolation

17.  More Recycling, Less Waste

18.  More Quality, Less Quantity

19.  More Fun, Less Serious

20.  More Slow, Less Hurry


21.  More Smiles, Less Anger

22.  More Love, Less Hatred

23.  More Generosity, Less Greed

24.  More Letting Go, Less Holding On

25.  More Tolerance, Less Prejudice

26.  More Being, Less Doing

27.  More Presence, Less Absence

28.  More Facetime, Less Facebook

29.  More Forgiving, Less Blaming

30.  More Ubuntu, Less Me

31.  More Inclusion, Less Exclusion

32.  More Wisdom, Less Foolishness

33.  More Health Care, Less Disease Care

Let 2013 be the year when steady, sustainable growth and change enhance every aspect of your life.