Exercise Myths And Facts


MYTH Strenuous exercise outdoors is the best way to cleanse toxins out of your body.
FACT- Environmental Toxins (pollution) are a major consideration when you exercise outside. As your workout becomes more strenuous you breathe deeper and faster, this magnifies the negative effects of the toxins and increases your exposure.

MYTH – In the city, a sunny, windless day is sure to be low in toxic emissions.
FACT- Sunny afternoons without wind are actually the worst for toxic ozone emissions. The action of sunlight on nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from car emissions creates high concentrations of ozone. If you live in the city, it’s best to avoid strenuous outdoor exercise in these conditions.

MYTH – When you detox you should exercise heavily to clean out your body.
FACT- During a formal detox program, it is best to limit exercise while the body rejuvenates. Over exercising is to be avoided at all times, always balance exercise with recovery.

MYTH – It takes a large time commitment to develop strong muscles
FACT – It takes literally minutes. The body enhances it’s muscles because of a high effort, not long duration. Muscle cells experience damage. This happens as muscles lengthen under a heavy load. This stimulates the repair and growth process. It is quite similar to the way skin can be rejuvenated as a result of exfoliation.

MYTH – Building muscles is unimportant to overall health.
FACT – Building and maintaining muscles is essential to overall health. Muscles are our largest storage depot for glycogen. Glycogen is the way we store carbohydrates for use as energy. We are always confronted with the temptation of eating too many carbs. When we eat, especially starches and sweets, we require the hormone insulin to help us store these energy foods. Maintaining our sensitivity to the hormone insulin is imperative to good health. Increased muscle mass provides us with greater storage capacity, this means fewer carbs are converted to fat! Also, it has been shown as we become stronger, we spontaneously move more and therefore an upward spiral of health is created.

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