I have a family history of heart disease… Does that mean I will get it too?

We assume many age related diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, stroke, cancer etc are genetic because our parents had them and therefore inevitable consequences of aging, but this is not true.

Healthy aging is mainly controlled by how we communicate with our genes through diet, lifestyle and the environment we bathe them in. You have a lot more control than you think.

We are born with a set of genes, which are inherited. These genes give us inherent strengths and weaknesses which we can’t change. That means you may be susceptible to heart disease or diabetes, not necessarily that you will get it. How you treat your genes will determine if those susceptible genes are expressed as disease or not. Like a car if you look after it, it will run smoothly for much longer.

Your genes are pluripotential, in other words there are many potential versions of you that can be expressed or you can change how you age or what diseases you get or don’t get by either feeding your genes what it needs, giving them the right nutrients, exercising appropriately etc.

We must also differentiate between different types of genes. There are certain genes that if you are born with, you will be crippled, retarded or have some serious childhood disease and die early. I am not talking about those genes. I am talking about the thousands of genes that render you susceptible to the many chronic diseases so many people are experiencing today. In other words, genes do not cause disease per se unless they are thrust into a detrimental environment that is conducive to expressing these genes as chronic disease.

Chronic disease is determined by how you have treated your genes through out your life, what foods you eat, what you have drunk, what environment you have surrounded yourself with, what stresses you have tolerated, injuries and infections you have endured, how much love and support you have been blessed with etc….the total load concept. Food and nutrients talk to your genes as does exercise.
Have you bathed your cells in the right food, nutrients and love to optimize their function?

How can you tell if you are bathing your cells in the right environment?

You usually get early warning signs, symptoms that if not addressed, that will lead to chronic disease expressed after many years.

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