FAQ’S On Inflammation (Part 2)

How do you treat Chronic Inflammation?

Avoid pro-inflammatory foods

Avoid sugar and refined foods, processed foods, trans fats, dairy, gluten grains and factory farmed meats, all of which are pro-inflammatory. Try the CLEANSE or HEALTHY LIVING diets – both of these eliminate the harmful foods you need to avoid.

Eat foods that cool inflammation

  • Lots of spices – in particular, turmeric, ginger, rosemary and basil
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables (preferably organic)
  • Wild salmon, sardines, herring and anchovies
  • Olive oil

Support your body’s own anti-inflammatory response with specific supplements

Balance your gut (gut imbalances are a common source of inflammation)

  • Avoid food allergens
  • Treat low-grade infections
  • Take probiotics

Decrease toxicity (toxicity will cause inflammation)

  • Eat organic foods as much as possible
  • Decrease the amount of chemicals you put on your skin
  • Decrease the amount of chemicals in your home
  • Try the CLEANSE or HEALTHY LIVING diets – both of these eliminate the toxic ingredients you need to avoid


There is lots of research showing that physical activity suppresses inflammation.

Lose weight

This is because fat cells fuel inflammation.

Get plenty of rest and relaxation

Stress promotes inflammation and therefore decreasing stress will decrease inflammation.

Brush and floss your teeth

Periodontal disease causes inflammation and flossing prevents periodontal disease.

Try acupuncture

Apart from being able to calm down inflammation, acupuncture is a way to generally improve function.

In essence, my method is to remove what is harmful and add in that which is beneficial. This means removing as many pro-inflammatory foods and toxins as possible, eliminating foods that cause sensitivities or are common food allergens, while at the same time supporting your system with the appropriate nutrients and modalities for it to function more efficiently.

  • Elaine Springer

    Thank you for posting all this valuable information. I have a question regarding fluoride.
    I use Oxyfresh dental products and they are offered with and without fluoride. I have read conflicting information on its value. My dentist recommends it highly to prevent tooth and root decay yet so many claim it is harmful for us.
    I was wondering if anyone had some insight to share.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Elaine
    I do not recommend fluoride at all!!!!!
    check out this website http://www.fluoridealert.org/

  • Leslie

    This is very helpful. I'm doing most of them, though perhaps not consistently, and have not yet tried acupuncture. My problem is my skin; I have a lifelong history of intermittent and chronic dermatitis. I know most of the topical things to avoid, but what about food allergens? I've cut out gluten, and minimized dairy. It's still very hard to see consistent reduction in symptoms.

  • Elaine Springer

    Thank you very much, Frank. I had no idea fluoride was so unhealthy. I will share this information with my dentist and his hygienist.
    I am on the fifth day of the Remove cleanse and I noticed the dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter. :). Also the shakes are really growing on me. Tonight I was talking about the cleanse to a woman while I was waiting for my exercise class and it turned out that she is a patient of yours.
    In fact she saw you today for acupuncture !
    Small world.
    Take care, stay well.
    Again many thanks.

  • Elaine Springer

    Oops, correction – actually I am just finishing up the 6th day of the cleanse.

  • Leslie
    Make sure your Digestive system is in good shape because an imbalance
    there is often a cause of inflammation. Also try avoid all dairy and
    factory farmed meats in addtion to the sugar, processed foods and

  • Betsy

    Dr. Lipman,

    Based on reading your FAQ's, I'm interested in adding both Boswellia and Cat's Claw to my supplement regime. What brand or source do you recommend to your patients?


  • Betsy

    I thought of another question. Do you feel that wheat and dairy are always pro-inflammatory, even if one doesn't have a known sensitivity?

    Thanks again!