Find Your Tribe — and Nourish Your Life

Summertime! My favorite time of year. I still remember being a kid on the last day of school and having the whole summer stretched out in front of me. Now as a working mother of two, I’m constantly balancing responsibilities with the pull of summertime fun.

When life gets a bit harried, or my diet hasn’t been as clean as I know it could be, resetting my body with whole foods and a short detox program is my go-to reboot. In fact, I believe so much in the power of real food that I started a company, Provenance Meals, that makes clean eating easy for busy New Yorkers by delivering prepared meals that are 100 percent gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free.

And, yet, sometimes I forget that nourishment in other areas of life is as important — if not more — than the vitamins and minerals going into my body. Beyond focusing on healthy movement and getting a good night’s sleep, I think we need to focus more on community and personal enrichment — especially in this modern world where we’re all so focused on our digital devices.

Here are my three suggestions to nourish your life:

1. Find your tribe

Ask yourself what inspires or interests you and get involved. Find Meetups in your area, help out at your children’s school, take a regular fitness class, or grow veggies in a community garden. Over time, you’ll see familiar faces, find common goals, and cultivate a community of like-minded folks.

2. Prioritize Relationships

It’s too easy to be too busy in this life. But positive relationships and social interactions are the foundation for happiness and when we neglect those relationships, our wellness is affected. Some things I do as a mom, a wife, friend, and employer is to have dinner with my family at least three times per week, exercise with a girlfriend, schedule face-to face meetings for work, and always look forward to date night with the hubs. Put it on the calendar and don’t flake!

3. Keep Learning

While summer vacation was fantastic as a kid, now I love learning throughout the entire year. To me, learning is growing. Have a goal, whether it’s organizing your finances, decluttering your home or learning a new skill. When I am focused on learning, I find the distractions of social media and email much less interesting.

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