Finishing up your Cleanse: Top Tips from the Be Well Coaches

The 2-week Cleanse not only gives you a chance to detox your body, but it is also a wonderful way to learn how you are deeply affected by what you eat, and in turn, discover which foods support your health and which foods to avoid.  In this webinar, the Be Well Coaches explain how to methodically re-introduce foods, teach you how to recognize a food sensitivity, and help you find the best diet for you.

Most food reactions will occur within a few hours of eating what you add back, although it can occasionally take up to two to three days for reactive symptoms to appear. The beauty of this test is that if you are reactive to a specific food, you are usually extra sensitive to it after you have initially cleared it from your system – so it should be easier for you to notice how different foods affect your system.

For more tips and insight into the Be Well Cleanse, check out the workshop video below.

The Be Well Recipe:
Simple Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl
The Be Well Recipe: Detox Tea