Flourish by Martin Seligman

Flourishing. That’s where it’s at. Brian Johnson takes a quick look at Martin Seligman’s latest book on the science of well-being, Flourish. Martin Seligman is the godfather of the positive psychology movement and in his new book, he describes the science of well-being.

After selling my first business (eTeamz) over 15 years ago (at 26), I had enough money to take a little time off to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. I became a lover of wisdom-a philosopher. My quest? I was obsessed about understanding what makes great people great. What is it about that .0001% of people in the world who truly optimize their lives, actualize their potential and give their greatest gifts in greatest service to the world? (And... enjoy the process!)

I read a ton and traveled a bit, studying Socrates in Athens, Aurelius in the Danube of Hungary, Jesus in Jerusalem, and Rumi in Konya, Turkey. I started sharing what I was learning via a daily newsletter that quickly went from a couple hundred friends to thousands of people.

After several years of reading, writing, and thinking, I needed to make some money again but didn't feel like going the typical self-help route so I created my second business (Zaadz). After selling that a few years later, I had enough money to take a little more time off. I decided to give myself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living-integrating ancient wisdom, modern science and practical tools to optimize and actualize. As part of my Master's project, I distilled 100 of the best books on optimal living into 6-page PDF summaries (and 20-min MP3s). I called these "Philosophers Notes' and created a profitable business sharing the wisdom I was learning as a demonstration that we can get paid to do what we love in service to the world. My Ph.D. dissertation was a simple book called A Philosopher's Notes and a class I taught called "Optimal Living 101" (which is now an integrated part of the curriculum at Harvard-Westlake).

Over the last decade, I've created 500 Philosophers Notes. And, I also created over 25 Optimal Living 101 master classes on everything from Optimizing your energy and confidence to your productivity and happiness.

In other news: I also have a podcast called Optimize (that launched as the #1 podcast on iTunes and has been featured as the #1 Health podcast with over 8 million downloads). Then there's the YouTube channel (with over 125,000 subscribers and 12.5 million views). And, I was featured in the documentary Finding Joe alongside Deepak Chopra, Laird Hamilton and Tony Hawk and contributed a chapter to Be the Solution alongside Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. All after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA where I studied Psychology and Business