Be Well’s ‘Food For Thought’ Workshop

This month’s Be Well Workshop featured Dr. Lipman and Ken Cook, founder of Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Robyn O’Brien, founder of AllergyKids Foundation, talking about the correlation between our food supply and the rise of chronic disease and conditions. All experts shared their mutual viewpoint on the issue and encouraged consumers to take action.

“What we are realizing is that the food system from the 20th century cannot feed 21st century families. We are too allergic, we are too diabetic, we are battling too many autoimmune conditions and too many diseases—and we need food that’s free from a lot of the ingredients we’ve been using the 20th century.”  —Robyn O’Brien

“I always suggest to eat as close to nature as possible. I have this motto: if it’s made by god, it’s probably good; if it’s made by man, be careful. So I encourage patients and readers to know the source of their food, know your farmer, shop at farmer’s markets, speak to your farmers and encourage them to know their clients’ needs.”
—Dr. Frank Lipman

“Do something that’s going to make you feel successful; make you feel like you are on a winning streak and that might mean just making some slight changes in the produce aisle; more and more choices available in large grocery stores are now organic than before, like potatoes, carrots, spinach, fresh lettuce—all of these are a significant portion of the organic produce supply because of what consumers have done and how farmers have responded.” —Ken Cook

For more advice and insight, check out the workshop video below.

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