Egg baked acorn squash

New Year’s Breakfast:
Egg Baked Acorn Squash

If it’s not a protein smoothie, make your first day of 2016 breakfast this delicious and nutritious dish. This recipe is an interesting twist on a classic Toad in the Hole. Just take a farm fresh egg, a beautiful acorn squash, add salt, pepper and fresh chives and viola, breakfast! Try baking the squash the night before to save time and you can enjoy this delicious meal any day of the week. It is packed full of protein and all the good stuff you need to get you day off on the right foot. Start the year strong and healthy!

Vegetable Frittata

Be Well Kitchen: Vegetable Frittata

Now that spring has finally arrived, we’ve been frequenting our local farms. I love stocking up on fresh eggs and local produce directly from the farm. We often take the kids so they can learn about how and where our food is sourced.

Paleo Pancakes

From The Be Well Kitchen:
3 Ingredient Paleo Pancakes

When I first heard about these pancakes, I thought - there’s no way this will be like actual pancakes. With no flour, milk, sugar or grains at all...what will these taste like? Turns out they are even better than “real” pancakes, and incredibly easy to make! With only 3 ingredients, you really have no excuse not to swap out your pancake recipe for this one. They fluff up perfectly, and are a serious crowd pleaser. Even the most die-hard pancake lovers will be shocked when you tell them the ingredients. The best part? No post-brunch food coma!

Gluten Free Crepes

From The Be Well Kitchen: Gluten-Free Crêpes

Crêpes were a quick and delicious breakfast staple in our household for years. Made with ingredients that are usually on hand in any kitchen, crêpes require only flour, eggs, milk and butter. Conveniently, this easy pancake can be adapted for breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending upon the filling – sautéed spinach and Parmesan for lunch or cherry preserves for a breakfast treat.

Paleo Egg Muffins

5 Paleo Breakfast Ideas

One of the most frequent questions we get when we suggest the Paleo Diet is “what about breakfast?” When you decide to go on a grain-free eating plan, many of the foods you commonly think of as breakfast foods get the boot. Cereal? Nope. Muffins? Pastries? Donuts? All eliminated. YOGURT? OATMEAL? Sorry. I know. It sounds hard to handle at first, but I promise, once you get the hang of it you won’t even believe you used to put chocolate croissants into your body first thing in the morning. Here are 5 delicious paleo-friendly breakfast ideas that will give you energy and keep you full (without the sugar crash)!

Chia Pudding for Breakfast

Be Well Kitchen: Chia Seed Pudding for Breakfast

Have you jumped on the chia seed bandwagon? I love chia seed pudding for breakfast in the spring and summer. It’s super quick and easy to prepare, and the variations are endless. Chia seeds are a great superfood for a few reasons:

Breakfasts for Toddlers

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Your Toddler

Since I pretty much feed my toddler the same foods I eat, many people ask what I serve for breakfast. Nothing makes me happier than helping Moms find nutritious replacements for “healthy” packaged foods. Especially foods marketed for children that are actually full of GMOs and refined sugar. Keep in mind, the needs of your toddler are not much different than your needs, which means there’s no reason for separate meals. By serving up whole foods first thing in the morning, not only will you be providing the proper nutrition, it will help form a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Gluten Free Pancakes

From the Be Well Kitchen:
Easy Gluten-Free Pancakes

When we’ve made changes to our diet for health reasons or newly discovered allergies, re-inventing our breakfast routine can feel like a challenge. Happily, giving up pancakes is not necessary. Gluten-free pancakes can offer great nutrition while still tasting rich and satisfying. Depending upon where you want your breakfast to land on the taste-to-nutrition spectrum, below is a customizable formula for simple gluten-free pancakes.


From the Be Well Kitchen – Easy Raw Muesli Recipe

Most mornings, my go-to breakfast is a protein and nutrient dense smoothie. It gives me the nutrients my body needs to get my day started right. But there are some days when I’m in the mood for something hearty like a “cereal” breakfast. My favorite is gluten-free raw muesli which I soak in vanilla coconut milk (unsweetened, of course) overnight to allow the grains to soften and the delicious flavors to develop. It’s an easy breakfast recipe that hits the spot.

Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Muffins

From the Be Well Kitchen:
Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Muffins

Being gluten-free does not have to mean you can never enjoy another freshly baked good. Thank God! After tasting these delicious lemon poppy muffins from our Provenance Meals delivery at the office, we hunted down the recipe from their chef, Carla Contreras so that we could share it with all of you. They are paleo, made without any refined grain flours at all, just almond flour/meal, eggs, butter and sweetened with raw honey. Nutritious and delicious – just how we like it. We hope you like it as much as we do.

What’s for Breakfast?  <br/>10 Gluten, Sugar and Dairy-Free Options

What’s for Breakfast?
10 Gluten, Sugar and Dairy-Free Options

I love breakfast. I used to be a coffee and muffin girl but over time I have figured out that my breakfast was setting me up to crash and burn. Now on most mornings, I fire up the blender and make a smoothie with protein powder. I find this makes a big difference in my energy, and I have fewer cravings throughout the day. If your current go-to breakfast is a bagel and coffee, you can do better!

Paleo Breakfast Bread Recipe

Paleo Breakfast Bread Recipe

I have recently become obsessed with Elana’s Pantry’s gluten free recipes in particular her Paleo Bread, which is not only delicious, but has the perfect consistency too. It is by far the best gluten free bread I have ever had. Here she demonstrates how to make it on a Colorado TV station.