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One Pan Herbed Chicken Dinner

Are you looking for a dinner that is delicious enough to wow guests, but simple enough to not stress you out? Look no further than this herbaceous chicken recipe.

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A Healthy 4th of July Spread

4th of July, the ultimate day of the year to BBQ, can come with the temptation to completely let go of your diet and healthy lifestyle. Luckily, this spread will satisfy all your holiday cravings without making you get off track!



Switchel is a maple syrup, ginger, and vinegar–based drink that I like to think of as a Vermonter’s Gatorade. It’s popular in my home state and is a great way to replenish electrolytes and improve gut health


Moringa Crusted Wild Shrimp

Moringa is our favorite hero ingredient these days. It is a leaf that is native to the Philippines and Haiti. It is said to be twice as anti-inflammatory as turmeric. Rather than taking it in it's supplement form we love to cook with it

Salmon Collard Green Wrap

Wild Salmon Collard Rolls

Collard rolls make a delicious substitution for a sandwich. They are easy to make and especially welcome if you’ve given up gluten and looking for an easy to make lunch or light dinner