From the Be Well Kitchen:
Zesty Egg Salad Veggie Sliders

I’m in the south of France with my husband who’s traveling for work.  As soon as we settled in to the apartment we will call home for the next week, I ran off to the store.  I love exploring the aisles of groceries in other parts of the world.  Immediately I noticed that most of the fresh produce was grown right here in France.  Those that weren’t came from nearby Spain and Italy.  How refreshing!

I grabbed a few favorites, and in a huge feat of self- control, I managed to bypass the baguettes, and headed home with my goods.  I didn’t have a plan, but fresh veggies always seem like a good place to start a meal plan.

I had picked up eggs, and figured I would hard-boil a few to have on hand for quick snacks.  Then I opened one and discovered the gorgeous golden yolk nestled inside and decided something more fitting was in order.  I had Dijon & endive (a tasty carrier in place of bread) so I figured I’d mix up a little egg salad.

I also had cornichons in the fridge – not a huge departure to add some pickles into an egg salad.  Then I noticed the cauliflower on the kitchen table, and remembered the giant black radish in the fridge too…  Why not make a gourmet egg salad full of protein and veggie goodness?  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a delicious combination!

For fun, I made a few crudité style, slicing a carrot and radish into thin disks, topping them with egg salad, then parsley and cornichons respectively.  Since the endive is bitter already, I paired it with a sliver of carrot instead of parsley, and also threw some on a gluten free cracker.  Prettied up in this way they would make a perfect, colorful addition to a summer party’s hors d’oeuvres.

The rest of the week I’ve been casually scooping it up on the rest of the endive leaves and veggies with pleasure.

Have you given an old standard easy dish a healthy upgrade?  Be sure to share how in the comments below!

Zesty Egg Salad Veggie Sliders


  • 4 Eggs, hard -boiled and shelled
  • ¼ c Cornichons (or dill pickles)
  • ½ c Black radish (or red)
  • 1 c Cauliflower
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Finely chop the veggies
  2. Quarter the eggs for easy mashing
  3. Combine eggs and veggies in a mixing bowl
  4.  Add Dijon and olive oil and mash to your desired consistency*
  5. Salt & Pepper to taste
  6. Enjoy!

*I started with about 4T of Dijon and 1T olive oil.  As I mixed I added more Dijon, probably about 2T additional by the end.  I would have sprinkled in some cayenne too if there had been some in the kitchen!

Jennifer Mielke is certified as a yoga teacher, Health Coach, and Transformational Coach. She had two years of practical health coaching experience at Dr. Frank Lipman's Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City before starting her solo coaching practice. Called by the belief that strong, fulfilled women are unstoppable change-makers, Jennifer helps clients feel empowered and on Purpose in their lives.

In 20 years in New York she has worked in fields as varied as fashion, acting, production & costume design, and holistic health, following projects that stirred her passions.

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