Get A Life, Get A Coach

We all need a coach at times, identifying the need for a Coach and finding the right Coach for you are usually the more difficult issues.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is not a Psychiatrist. A Life Coach is someone who will help improve your personal and /or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals. A Life Coach represents a partnership. It is a support system with one goal in mind; improving your quality of life.
The idea of a Life Coach is nothing new. Walk into any dojo, whether it is for Karate, or Meditation and the concept of the sensei and unsui are immediately instilled in the student’s mind. Very much like the ancient teachings, in life, there are always those who have walked the path before you and those who walk the path after you. This is the principal ideology behind Life Coaching. A Life Coach will ideally have a substantial amount of experience and education.
Professional coaches, through a partnership with the client are there to help produce positive results, whether in their professional or personal lives. They help people perform better and ultimately improve the quality of their lives. In most cases, a Life Coach is required when the person is in a transition phase and needs support for any of the following reasons, and more:

  • Reassessing life goals and developing action plans
  • Lack of balance between work and life
  • Difficulty dealing with Stressful situations
  • Difficulty making life decisions
  • Prioritizing projects and timeliness
  • Improving relationships
  • Urgent situations involving high risks and challenges
  • Identifying core strengths and maximizing their potential
  • Simplifying life to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Help with time management
  • Lack of control over life

Trained to listen, observe and customize an approach to the client’s needs, the coach will work to find solutions and strategies that will help the individual out of the rut they are in. Unlike other forms of self-help or therapy, Life Coaching offers a new look at /on basic human needs. Partnership, support, and know-how are areas that distinguish Life Coaching from other therapies. Individuals are better able to make big decisions when they have the support of a Life Coach. With a Life Coach a client is more secure and comfortable taking bigger strides to getting the job done and making the appropriate changes toward a better life. Most say that the difference is that Coaching deals more with the near future and the coach works assisting the client in devising action plans toward a specific goal/s. Coaches focus on strategies for building and sustaining career and life plans.

Dr. Carmine P. Gibaldi is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Harvard University. He also has maintained a Consulting practice for 29 years, and presently specializes in Life/Career Coaching. He resides and practices in New York. You can contact him at [email protected]

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