Gift Guide: The Healthy Home Cook

We all know someone who loves to cook real food, eat healthy, and spend time in their home kitchen. For those people — whose efforts, delicious dinner parties, and homemade treats we all treasure — I’ve gathered some truly useful gifts they’ll love and use all the time.

Good reads

Cookbooks make for great gifts and these are some I turn to for inspiration, ideas, and recipes!

Dining In

This book is filled with recipes for food we all really want to eat: comforting yet wholesome and healthful, packed with vegetables, fun salad ideas, and great pictures!

Cook Beautiful

A truly gorgeous and inspiring cookbook filled with recipes that are both pleasing to the eye and the palate.

Cherry Bombe subscription

A magazine that celebrates women in food filled with inspiring stories, mouthwatering recipes, and beautiful visuals.



A mandoline slicer is a great tool for anyone who cooks a lot of vegetables! With one of these they can slice up a fennel in no time. The stainless steel version is sturdy and good-looking — and lasts a long time.

Cast iron skillet

Both professional chefs and home cooks adore a great cast iron skillet! It’s free of any toxic nonstick chemicals and can cook anything from your morning eggs to the weekend roast.

The one and only Vitamix

A high-speed blender is a game changer in the kitchen. Whipping up dips, salad dressings, smoothies, soups, nut milks, and healthy desserts becomes quick and easy when you have a Vitamix.

A great apron

A smock apron is both flattering and functional! This one from Hedley and Bennett comes in a range of great colors: blush, sierra, charcoal, and ebony.

Glass storage containers

Storing leftovers is a breeze with these glass container! They are made of clear glass so that you can easily see what’s inside each one — no more mystery containers at the back of the fridge and no more plastic toxins leaching into your food. The oven-safe options are great for reheating leftovers too.

Bee’s wrap

These beeswax wrap eliminate the need for plastic wrap in the kitchen once and for all. Keep leftovers and prepared foods fresh in the fridge, or use to cover your potluck dish during transport.

Upgraded pantry staples

Great quality olive oil

Great for drizzling on your vegetables or a bowl of soup and of course for dressing any seasonal salad. (Try Bariani or Wonder Valley.)

Grass-fed ghee

Because any home cook needs a truly nourishing, safe, and delicious cooking fat. This 4th & Heart ghee is grass-fed and comes in fun flavor combinations too.

Flakey finishing salt

From avocado toast to butternut squash soup, a sprinkle of this flakey salt will elevate the dish to new heights.

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