Why I Started A Line Of Safe, Natural Wellness Products — For Kids

As parents, we all understand the immense responsibility of raising a child. Through the generations, there have been many different techniques and recommendations on parenting from little to no intervention to helicopter parenting and everything in between. While I personally try to create a balance of space for my kids to experiment with feelings, decision-making, independence, and even dirt (however messy it is for me to clean up), in today’s society it is also ingrained in me to want to be proactive and manage my children’s health and happiness.

When my twins were born, I had absolutely zero control over their wellbeing. They were born at 28 weeks, just over a pound each. For three months, I went to visit them in the hospital, interacting with them on the doctor’s terms — not my own.  It was one week after they were born before I was even able to hold either of them. And so it went until we were finally able to bring them home — on what would have been their original due date.

There were so many ups and downs during that period, but even once they were home, there were so many other setbacks that spurred into motion my desire to make sure they had every tool and advantage they could to become healthy, happy, thriving individuals. There was physical therapy and occupational therapy, but then I discovered some alternative methods, like acupuncture and herbs, that far outperformed the advances we’d made with traditional methods when it came to challenges with sleep, digestion, and overall immunity.

I realized then that there were a lot of products on the market that were “natural” — but none that had the performance or functional element that I knew made the difference for my child, and also my sanity. I was fortunate to have been in Miami at the time and connected with Daniel Atchison-Nevel, a well-known acupuncturist, and his son, Orion Nevel, an herbalist. With their treatments and an introduction to Dr. Stephen Cowan, we had what I felt was an incredible base of knowledge and experience we could share with parents everywhere.  My friend and model Karolina Kurkova was also experimenting with these methods with her kids and we worked together to create what we felt was a comprehensive wellness regimen for children.

Our line consists of high-performance, high-design bath and body products, daily probiotics, and herbal elixirs that address specific challenges. There is a heavy influence on immune health based off of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout the line. We use the most natural and safe ingredients in all categories and I’m proud of the tools that we’ve given parents that make a daily difference in their children’s lives.

Choosing the exact ingredients was a very intentional and collaborative process.  As important as what you put into them is what you don’t include. We crafted the products to be E.U.-ready, which means that we avoided over 1,400 commonly used ingredients considered toxic — like parabens, sulfates, and harmful preservatives.  

Some of our star ingredients include:

  • Tremella mushroom, which is known in Asian cultures as the mushroom of beauty because it replenishes the Yin essence, known for supporting healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Irish sea moss, which is a great source of minerals.  
  • Astragalus root, which helps moderate the immune system in the intestines — and as we now know, 80 percent of immune health is happening in the digestive tract.  
  • Yacon root and Jerusalem artichoke, which act as natural prebiotics, also known as food for the probiotics to populate.

We want to continue to build off of the tools that we’ve created in different categories for all types of challenges. To empower our children at an early age to make healthy choices and know that there are alternatives to toxin-heavy products and quick-fix prescriptions. This is why partnering with Be Well is so important to us, to collaborate on ideas and share clinical knowledge of what works in real-life settings. Regardless of your parenting style, I think collectively we want the same things for our children, and at Gryph & IvyRose, we’re trying to make the job of parenting easier — and promote healthy rituals for children everywhere.    

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