Reduce Your Toxic Load:  <br/>Greening and Detoxifying Your Purse!

Reduce Your Toxic Load:
Greening and Detoxifying Your Purse!

Are you trying to get rid of the chemicals in your life? Are you reading labels, buying more natural products, and cleaning out your home of potentially dangerous toxins? There may be more places where you can make changes than you thought and can get rid of potentially harmful chemicals in various different areas of your life. Ladies, let’s start with your purse.

Solutions for Dust Mites in Your Bed <br/>And Allergens in Your Home

Solutions for Dust Mites in Your Bed
And Allergens in Your Home

When I moved into my current home in Southern California nearly 20 years ago, I went searching for nontoxic paint, carpeting, and other furnishings. My efforts were met mostly with odd looks and raised eyebrows (ah, the olden days!). So I was overjoyed when I finally found Mary Cordaro, just starting out on her path as a consultant on healthy, green home building and remodeling. She spoke my language! She immediately became my non-toxic home guide, and over the years I have referred her numerous friends and patients: people with allergies or, simply, those interested in green, clean living. Mold, volatile chemicals, indoor and outdoor pollution -- you name it, she has a resource. President of Mary Cordaro, Inc., she works as a healthy home consultant and certified Bau-biologist, lecturing around the country as well.

What's Lurking in Your Cleaning Products? <br/>8 Hidden Toxins To Look Out For

What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products?
8 Hidden Toxins To Look Out For

We assume they are safe. But in fact, many popular household cleaners are dangerously toxic. Learn about the eight scariest substances hiding under your kitchen sink, and how to replace them with safer, more natural options that really work. When a pain in Beth Greer’s shoulder led her to a chiropractor nine years ago, she wasn’t that worried. After all, she led a healthy lifestyle: She watched her weight, meditated regularly, and ate mostly organic food. Greer’s chiropractor wasn’t worried either; he diagnosed her with a herniated disk. But after three sessions, not only was she not better, the pain was beginning to radiate down her arm and into her fingers.

How to Prepare For Your Cleanse

How to Prepare For Your Cleanse

I often speak with people who know that their health needs a boost, and they want to embark on a cleanse. The only problem is that they can’t find the right time to start. They may have a wedding coming up, or a birthday, business trip or holiday. My recommendation is that if there’s one event standing in the way, just go ahead and start your cleanse. There will always be some special occasion on the calendar, and part of the process of improving your eating habits is learning how to stay on track during these special occasions.

Is a Cleanse Right for You?

Is a Cleanse Right for You?

I work as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach with Dr. Lipman and support people going through Cleanse, which is a 2-week detox program. I often speak to people who are curious about doing the Cleanse, but feel intimidated or hesitant. Here are some things to consider when deciding if a cleanse is right for you: