The Ultimate Packing List To Help You Feel Your Best On Vacation

I often hear from my clients that travel throws them off track and out of their routine when it comes to taking care of themselves. It’s easy to lean on the excuse of traveling — and it’s without a doubt a disruption to the usual at-home routine. But it’s also an opportunity to try something new and to set up a few trip-specific self-care routines that will keep you feeling good both while away and once you return home.

Below are some of the things I always pack with me to ensure I am prepared and can feel my best while I’m away.

For the plane

Compression socks. The first thing I do when I get on the plane is kick off my shoes and put on my compression socks. I started this routine religiously when I was pregnant and have kept it ever since. It keeps circulation going and prevents me me from landing with swollen ankles and feet.

Eye mask, headphones, and a scarf or blanket. There’s a lot of stimulation for the senses on a plane. The noise from the engines alone is enough to make us tired. A light-blocking eye mask and noise-canceling headphones or earplugs will help you rest better, whether you’re taking a nap, sleeping through a night flight, or just want to tune out and meditate for a while. I also always wear a scarf and/or bring a light blanket to cover myself with.

Aromatherapy wipes. I love these for wiping down any surfaces around me (and my kids). They are slightly anti-bacterial and smell great. They are also great for wiping away any sweat or to freshen up a little before landing.

Products for the face. I don’t need to tell you that the air on the plane is horrible and oh so dry! So, I try to remember to both mist my face with a hydrating mist from time to time (which also just feels refreshing and nice) and put on a good face oil at take-off and again at landing. If I’m wearing any makeup (usually not) I’ll make sure to remove that first with a makeup remover wipe. Sheet masking and under-eye patches have become a thing and I’m all for it — if you can manage to get that on and off without scaring your seat partner, or, in my case, my kids.

Stretch-waist pants. Always.

Self-care must-haves

Workout clothes. I always pack some sneakers and workout clothes. Sure, sometimes they never leave the suitcase, but I like to be prepared should there be a moment of opportunity. I also make sure to only stay at hotels with gyms or a pool. It’s one of the few perks of hotels, right? Even if I make it out for a morning or evening jog or run to explore a new place, good shoes are key, so always pack sneakers!

A scented candle and or palo santo. Someone once told me that it’s a good idea to bring the same kind of scented candle everywhere you go so that even in a very foreign place there is a sense of home and familiarity. I think this is especially important if you travel a lot for work. I also pack a stick of palo santo so I can clean the air and bring in some good vibes wherever I stay. Just be careful not to set off any smoke detectors.

Bath salt and face mask. I pack one bath’s worth of epsom salt or another nice, calming bath salt so that I can take an unwinding and relaxing bath before bed. Especially if you’re traveling with kids and “stuck” in your room after they’ve gone to sleep, make that hotel bathroom your own little spa. Bring a face mask, take a bath, and finish with a self massage with an oil you love the smell of. Chances are you’ll sleep a lot better doing that than if you spent the same time watching TV.

Sunscreen. I always pack a stick of Beautycounter sunscreen that both my kids and I can share.


Magnesium for sleep help, a calming effect, and to help with any digestive changes.

Charcoal in case of stomach troubles, but also for any evenings where I have an alcoholic beverage.

Probiotics. I take these regularly both at home and when I’m away.

Adaptogens. Traveling for work or with kids can be very stressful on the body and mind. Adaptogens are my favorite tool to help my body better handle those inevitable stressful days.

MCT Oil. A little bit in my coffee or matcha both slows down the caffeine uptake to make that clarity and energy boost last longer and the healthy fats are food for my brain. I love it!

Immune Boost just in case anyone starts coming down with something…

Collagen. I like drinking collagen peptides first thing in the morning to sooth my gut and give my skin a nice boost!

Greens On-The-Go in case the vegetables get a bit few and far between…

Vitamin C to help support my immune system while traveling.


Nuts and seed crackers such as Simple Mills or Jilz.

Matcha serving packets (or mushroom coffee if that’s your thing) so that I can make a pick-me-up beverage anywhere.

Almond/coconut butter packets in case I am too far away from any good food when hunger hits.

A snack bar low in sugar. I like the Beauty Bar which has lots of collagen in it, or the Perfect Bar as a treat (not low in sugar.)

For the kids

Puzzles and games! Something fun the family can do together is always a winner.

Headphones for listening to their favorite playlist or watching a movie on the plane (or when they wake up jet lagged at 3 a.m.)

Some sort of blocks or stacking toy, preferably that can also go in the bath or in the sand at the beach.

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