5 Herbs To Enhance Your Fall Or Spring Detox

Fall and spring are the seasons of transition, and therefore are perfect times to detox the body and mind. Spring is the optimal time for a deep detox that will help you shed some of your heavier winter weight and habits, whereas fall is a great time to opt for a gentle detox that restores the body after a busy summer. These transitional seasons can naturally bring up feelings of instability, as the world outside changes and every day might bring forth a different weather pattern that may make you feel ungrounded. Using detoxing herbs to help support your liver and remove toxins from the system is a nice way to show your body some love, and help you feel more rooted and secure in these seasons of change.

I personally enjoy adding detoxifying herbs to my daily regimen during these seasons as a simple yet effective way to support my detox organs. These can be taken alone, or can go hand in hand with a cleanse, like the Be Well Cleanse, to enhance the cleanse experience. Detoxifying herbs have strong medicinal components and should be taken cautiously to make sure no adverse reaction occurs. If you are on any medications, consult your doctor before starting any of these. My preferred method is tincture form, but these can also be found in capsule, powder, and tea as well.

Here are my five favorite herbs to take in fall and spring.

1. Milk thistle. This seed is antioxidant-rich and has antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits. It may help protect the liver and reduce damage from toxic overload and alcohol abuse, as well as help promote healthy skin.

2. Artichoke leaf. This herb is antioxidant-rich and high in prebiotics that help boost healthy gut flora. This herb may help prevent inflammation, lower toxicity in the body, aid digestive health, protect the liver, and support detoxification. It also may improve skin health, and has antimicrobial properties.

3. Yellow dock. This herb benefits the digestive tract, liver, and skin, and aids toxicity. It helps relieve mild constipation and purifies the blood.

4. Burdock. This root is rich in antioxidants and may help fight free radicals. It is promoted as a blood purifier that helps skin conditions due its high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is a diuretic and helps flush the system.

5. Dandelion root. This root is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It boosts healthy gut flora, is antioxidant-rich, fights inflammation, and promotes a healthy liver. It helps with healthy digestion and may help constipation.

Here is a simple recipe to enjoy the above in a daily tonic elixir.

Herbal Detox Elixir
  • 16 oz. filtered water
  • 1 organic dandelion root tea bag (Traditional Medicinals makes great, organic tea)
  • 1 dropper full (roughly 20 to 30 drops) of each herb: milk thistle, artichoke leaf, yellow dock, and burdock (Gaia Herbs makes good herbal formulas)
  • 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
  • A few dashes organic cinnamon
  • Optional: sweeten if desired with a dash of Luo Han Guo monk fruit sweetener (Dragon Herbs makes a good one)
  1. Steep the tea bag in boiled filtered water for five minutes. Remove and add all other ingredients. Mix well and enjoy.


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