Here’s Why Bali Is The Ultimate Wellness Destination

There’s a reason so many yogis and wellness junkies are flocking to Bali every year – the magical “Island of the Gods” is the perfect place for a retreat or trip that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, connected, and inspired. I’ve spent a month in Bali each year for the past 3 years (mainly in Ubud, Canggu, and Singaraja on the north coast), and if it weren’t so far away from my friends and family in the US, I’d probably stay forever. The energy of beautiful Bali will give you a total refresh for the mind, body and spirit.
Here are a few reasons why Bali has become such a popular wellness destination:
The Balinese Culture
The first thing you’ll notice when you touch down in Bali is that beauty, nature, and Hindu spirituality are infused throughout everything in the Balinese culture. You’ll hear music playing constantly through the air, you’ll see flowers everywhere, you’ll walk among colorful prayer offerings every day, you’ll see gorgeous temples and waterfalls, and you’ll always be greeted by the Balinese with a warm smile and the feeling that you’re family.
The Food
Many places throughout Bali cater to the wellness and yoga crowd, so you’ll have no problem finding superfood smoothies, huge gorgeous salads, and gluten free / dairy free / sugar free everything. If you happen to be on a specific eating plan, you’ll have no problem finding an abundance of health food restaurants, cafes and health food stores that meet your exact preferences (2 of my favorites are Alchemy and Clear Cafe, both in Ubud). And of course, make sure to take a detour from the health food scene to try out a traditional Balinese “warung” — small, family-owned restaurants that serve traditional Indonesian cuisine (try my favorite Indonesian salad — the “gado gado”).
The Yoga
People travel from all over the world just to practice yoga in Bali. You can find yoga retreats happening in Bali every week of the year, as well as great yoga studios with lots of different offerings. If you’re in Ubud, make sure to visit the world-renowned Yoga Barn for classes of all levels, workshops, spa treatments, sound healings, a health food cafe, accommodations, and more.
The Affordable Spa Treatments
One of the most incredible things about Bali is how affordable it is – particularly the massages and spa treatments. In the US, getting a good massage can be $100+ and is considered a once-in-awhile indulgence, but in Bali you can make it a daily habit. You’ll experience the best massages of your life, usually priced anywhere from $5 to $25 US dollars. Find a place that has the 4-handed (2 massage therapists) Ayurvedic Abhyanga oil massage – trust me, you’ll thank me later!
The Community
Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner or friends, you’ll quickly find community in Bali. Many solo travelers find themselves gravitating to Bali, due to the welcoming, open energy of the locals and visitors, and the daily wellness events and community gatherings. There are some great co-working spaces that host events and workshops on a variety of topics relating to creativity, wellness and entrepreneurship – check out Hubud or Outpost in Ubud, and Dojo in Canggu, if you’re looking to get some work done and meet like-minded new friends.
Once you step foot on the island, you’ll understand why so many people travel there to feel rejuvenated. You’ll spend your time exploring in nature, feeling the warmth of the Balinese culture, eating nourishing health foods, practicing yoga, getting spa treatments, and you’ll leave remembering how good it feels to practice such deep self care.

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