Holiday Gifts for the Healthy-Minded

holiday gifts for the healthy-minded

It’s that time of year again when holiday shopping is in full swing and finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift is top priority. Whether some of these items have been on the holiday shopping list before or are brand new, here at Be Well, we present you with our roundup of our favorite holiday gifts for the healthy-minded–physically and spiritually.

For the Healthy Cook, Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker

“As Dr. Lipman often says, home cooking is one of the quickest routes to healthier food and a healthier body. Preparing healthy and delicious meals takes time however, and in our busy lives, time is often in short supply. Reward your favorite cook (or yourself!) with the Instant Pot to simplify and speed up your meals. One of the only multi-cookers on the market with a stainless steel insert, you can avoid the dangerous PFOAs contained in the non-stick coating of most slow cookers or pressure cookers.” – Health Coach Laura Kraber

For the Energized Exerciser, The Grid foam roller

“Most people do not own one, but it’s so important muscle release.” – Health Coach Courtney Blatt 

For the Focused Meditator (in NYC), one-month membership to MNDFL Meditation

“A beautiful and convenient space that will allow you to get into that meditation practice you have been meaning to try.” – Chiropractor Dr. Keren Day

Be Well Note: For those not in NYC, subscription to meditation apps are amazing gifts too!

For the Beauty Indulgers, Pursoma salt baths and Beautycounter face oils

“Luxurious and good-for you beauty products are both healthy and indulgent.” – Health Coach Katrine van Wyk

For the All-in-one Online Shopper, Thrive Market yearly membership

“Healthy food and natural products at wholesale prices!” – Health Coach Jackie Damboragian

“This online health market is my new favorite way to stock my pantry with all the healthy essentials while spending less.  Along with having all of my go-to brands at a discounted price (and some great new ones I have been introduced to), Thrive Market has the option to shop by diet, making it really easy for those who are gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc.  They also have an abundance of household items, cosmetics, baby goodies and even pet supplies!” – Health Coach Amanda Carney

For the Yogi, Yoga Massage Balls

“For a small rubber ball that fits in the palm of your hand, these things pack some power!  I have been using these massage balls over the past few months to relieve knots and tightness in my back and hips, and now I don’t want to even imagine my life without them.  They can be used during yoga practice or simply to work out tension anywhere in the body.” – Health Coach Amanda Carney

For the Charity Conscious, the most meaningful gifts are donations to charities in lieu of gift giving

Ubuntu Education Fund, an organization very dear to my heart, is a non-profit based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa committed to giving orphaned and vulnerable children everything they need to succeed in life, from cradle to college.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s wildness in particular elephants and rhinos.

The Documenting Hope Project, a non-profit science and media initiative, aims to run a pilot recovery program (with 14 chronically ill children), document their recovery scientifically (collecting relevant biomarkers and observational data), and capture their inspirational stories on film. The Documenting Hope Project seeks to inspire parents, physicians, and policy makers to think differently about children’s health and redesign a system that truly understands how to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions.” – Janice Lipman

For the Eco-friendly Entertainer, hand painted wood salad bowls by Sherwood Forest Design

“They are my go-to gift for all special occasions. They are beautiful to look at and to fill with salad, fruit or simply as a decorative piece on your dining room table or kitchen counter.” – Janice Lipman

For the Foodie Lovers (in NYC), a meal at Tertulia

“It makes for a wonderful and memorable gift with Chef Seamus Mullen.” – Janice Lipman

For the Spa Savvy, a gift certificate to Joanna Vargas Day Spa

“For those based in New York, the spa can’t be beat and the facial treatments are pure heaven.” – Janice Lipman

Be Well Note: If you are not in NY, you can get a touch of Joanna’s specialty with the Joanna Vargas Daily Serum.

“High quality natural daily serum gives your skin a healthy glow!” – Chiropractor Dr. Keren Day

For the Smoothie Lover, a Magic Bullet

“Under $100, a great way to introduce a friend or family member to smoothies! You can include a few handwritten recipes with it, too!” – Health Coach Alexandra Samit