The Myths and Facts of Toxic Exposure

There is so much myth around toxins. So it’s about time we take a look at them and what the real scientific facts are of human exposure to them.

MYTH – Toxins are always evident to the senses
FACT –The world around us is glutted with many toxins you cannot see, smell, taste, or feel.

MYTH- Air pollution is always worse outdoors.
FACT – Indoor pollution can be 3-5 times worse than outdoor pollution, the average home contains more than 1,000 chemicals.

MYTH – Once a chemical is banned from use, the toxic threat is gone.
FACT — 99% of Americans, including virtually all children born in recent years, had DDT residues. The use of this insecticide has been subject to controls and outright bans since the late 1960s, and its presence indicates how persistent it is in the general environment.

MYTH — Environmental exposure is usually made up of single chemicals that you encounter one at a time.
FACT — Actually, you’re exposed to literally thousands of pollutants each day, in multiple combinations.

What we need to takeaway from this is that no amount of toxic exposure is acceptable. So we should do our best to keep our exposure to a minimum and really educate ourselves to what is considered a toxin.

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