How To Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life


Your Bold and Beautiful Wellness Manual

Whether you’re in your 20s or well past 50, feeling and looking great is a goal for just about all of us (whether we admit it or not). And, increasingly, more people want to achieve that goal in a healthy and sustainable way, without a lot of pharmaceutical or surgical intervention.

So, with all the health information at our fingertips these days, why do so many of us still find achieving the goal of ‘getting healthy’ such a struggle? Why the big disconnect when the spirit is willing? The question I’m asked every day: “Doc, can you just tell me what to do?!” was further confirmation that it was time to write How To Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life.

After working with thousands of patients over the last four decades, I, and my Health Coaching team, realized that what most people really want – whether they’re feeling a bit blah or struggling with chronic ills – is a health mentor, a trusted source to guide them through the world of wellness.

Trouble is, these days, nobody’s getting that kind of guidance from the current medical system. Though it works well enough in a crisis – a heart attack, trauma from a car crash and so on – if you’re saddled with gut problems, fatigue, anxiety, sleep issues, aches and pains, auto-immune issues, or metabolic challenges, you’re probably either on a lot of prescription meds or just left to your own devices. That makes for a lot of people walking the earth feeling lousy much of the time, which, if you ask me, is totally unacceptable. With the right roadmap, however, they, and you, can change that  scenario – and that’s where How To Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life comes in.

How To Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life is my easy-to-follow manual for lifelong vitality. Its boldly-illustrated graphic look makes every page memorable and easy-to-follow, as does the “Good Medicine Mandala,” my 6-tier system of more than 100 tips you can apply to improve function, resilience and overall health. Simply start with any tier you like, and make the changes you need to make at your own pace, and in the order that best works for you.

How To Be Well will show you how to make simple adjustments and improvements every day so that over time, you can internalize a growing repertoire of healthy habits that will literally change your life, heal your body and put a stop to debilitating everyday ills. You’ll learn how to:

  1. EAT: master the building blocks of life – food – a source of healing and flavor-filled enjoyment
  2. SLEEP: reprioritize and restore one of your most fundamental needs – retraining yourself to, at last, truly sleep well
  3. MOVE: ensure the body moves in all the ways that nature intended it to
  4. PROTECT: mitigate or prevent the invisible assaults of everyday toxins, with smart strategies to keep your body and surroundings as healthy as possible
  5. UNWIND: consciously switch off to allow for complete mental and physiological respite from daily pressures
  6. CONNECT: awaken to an enhanced, more meaningful sense of belonging and connection to your community and your world


How To Be Well is a unique handbook filled with the daily practices you need to live your best, healthiest, and happiest life for years to come – and that’s a beautiful goal to achieve!

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