How to “Crowd Out” Unhealthy Foods

I am not one for deprivation… I’m done with calorie counting and dieting! I like to eat and enjoy delicious food, so for me the concept of “crowding out” less healthy foods with good-for me stuff is great! Think about it – my belly can only fit so much food at once, so if I fill it up with good stuff, I’ll be less likely to crave the bad.

Here are the secrets to crowding out the unhealthy foods:

1. Hydrate

I know this one might be obvious, but sometimes our sense of hunger can actually be a sign that we’re dehydrated. So make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day (and not necessarily with your meal!).

2. Loads of Vegetables

Serve some vegetables with every meal and load up on them! They’re full of water and fiber that help fill you up and make you feel satisfied and full for longer. Some tips to eat more veggies:

  • Try a breakfast smoothie with avocado and spinach 
  • Make a big, green salad for lunch with lots of leafy greens
  • Roast a tray of cauliflower 
  • Steam some asparagus with dinner

A great rule of thumb is to load your plate up with 80% plants and make sure the first bite you take is of a vegetable.

3. Something Sweet

Add something sweet-tasting to your meals to help fight cravings for desserts. I love sauteed onions, baked sweet potatoes or a salad with some apple or pear. A little sweetness with every meal makes my taste-buds so happy.

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