How To Exercise Your (Skin) Pores

Keeping your pores healthy and functioning properly is key to beautiful, youthful looking skin. Unfortunately your pores are constantly being bombarded with dirt, oils, chemicals and environmental pollutants that build up, clog, congest, and suffocate them. This not only causes blackheads, break out, dull lackluster skin, uneven oil production, both dry and oily skin, but it also accelerates aging.  Keeping your pores clean is key to keeping your skin healthy.
Try using chemical free skin care products, and do a skin detox and/or deep pore cleaning at least twice a year. Look for cleansers with charcoal and detoxifying herbs that attack residue in pores, moisturizers that are made from non-pore clogging oils (like Jojoba and Pistachio), and face masks with deep sea, activated charcoal, and other ingredients that go deep into your pores, break open old dirt and oils, adhere to them, and pull them out so that your skin can breath and function properly.

Pore work out:

Skin tea:
Simmer 2 tea bags in 4 cups of water  for 15 minutes, let cool and keep in refrigerator until using.


  • Green, black, or white tea for anti aging
  • Red or lavender tea for acne or oily
  • Rose hip or orange peel for anti-oxidant
  • Oat straw or nettles for dry skin

Skin ice cubes:
When tea is cooled fill 1/4 of an ice cube tray with the skin tea and freeze.

Reheat the skin tea and alternate applying the warm tea (by placing the warm skin tea on a wash cloth and placing on your face ), with the cold tea (by placing a skin ice cube in another wash cloth and gently applying to face).
Repeat several times, ending with the cool tea.

The hot and cold combination opens and closes your pores. This action not only tones, it also helps expel any old  “gunk” stuck in your pores.

Note: Water that is too hot is not beneficial for your skin. Keep it warm.

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