How to Make Home Cooking Easy, Quick & Fun

Home cooking is such an underrated tool towards a healthy lifestyle.

I didn’t used to like cooking at all growing up but my growing interest in health and wellness made me realize how important cooking and connecting to my food was.  Now I absolutely love cooking, experimenting with new recipes and play around with seasonal ingredients.

Cooking at Home…

  • connects you to your food
  • makes you respect and understand what goes in to cooking a delicious meal
  • allows you to choose exactly what goes into your meal
  • if you worry about portions and calories – cooking at home makes you the boss
  • saves you a lot of money
  • can be a meditative  and relaxing activity
  • allows you to add that essential ingredient – LOVE
  • is so much more fun with Bob Marley playing!

I know all the usual excuses because I used to use them myself, and I hear them repeated by my clients all the time; I don’t have time, I’m hardly ever home, it’s just me, I’m too hungry to think by the time I get home…

So, here are some tips on making cooing convenient, quick and fun!

Cook once, Eat twice or more!

Make bigger batches of food on days when you have more time. Roast a whole chicken, cook a big batch of quinoa, brown rice and beans, make a large pot of soup and a jar of your favorite vinaigrette or tahini sauce… And roast a big pan full of root vegetables. Eat hot on day one, make into a cold salad the next day and then blend it up as a soup on day three!

Shop Smarter

If you can only make it to the supermarket once a week, choose a range of ingredients and include some foods that will last for a whole week. Grains, onions, lemons and garlic last long and add a few bags of frozen berries and greens to spike up your dishes later in the week. Use the lettuce and leafy greens earlier and save the roots for later!

Pantry Party

Make sure to always have the easy basics available. Sea salt, pepper, a good tamari or nama shoyu sauce and apple cider vinegar. Also, keep some tomato paste and chopped tomatoes at hand (I only buy tomatoes in the glass jars to avoid BPA…) Grains, red lentils, seeds and nuts are also great to have on hand. Try cooking it up for a delicious grain salad.

Tool Box

Do yourself a favor and get some nice cooking tools. You don’t need a lot of stuff! Invest in a nice wooden chopping board and a good chef’s knife. Get one nice stainless steel pot, a steam basket and a cast iron skillet. A few wooden spoons and some tongs. And one oven safe pan. That’s it!

Love Leftovers

Reinvent your leftovers. Stir-fry your leftover vegetables with beans or meat with some onion, ginger and fresh herbs to revitalize it. Anything can become a soup or stew. And rolling it into a sprouted grain wrap or serving it in a lettuce cup makes it all seem new and fun!

Leftover grains like quinoa, rice and millet make a great breakfast porridge. Add some almond milk, cardamom and honey, heat and serve.

Proper Storage

Invest in some nice mason jars and glass containers to store your food and leftovers in. When you can actually see what’s in your pantry and fridge you’re also more likely to feel inspired to cook with it. Glass is also the safest and greenest storage option – BPA free, washable and pretty!

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