How To Make Diet Resolutions Like A Health Coach

I’ve always been excited by the thought of New Year’s Resolutions. The process of creating new goals and setting new intentions would fill me with motivation for a fresh start.  But time and time again, I’ve learned the same valuable lesson – If something isn’t built to be a sustainable and practical lifestyle change, and/or feels too extreme, I’ll dump it within months of starting. I know I’m not alone! Here’s how you can avoid this common pitfall with resolutions and create positive healthy changes with a “non resolution” New Year!

How to Have A Non-Resolution New Year:

Create True Habits that Stick
The first step is understanding how habits work so that you don’t get trapped with resolution burn-out come February!  Think of it like a “habit formula”. If one piece of the puzzle isn’t there, it will easily unravel. Say you’re trying to create the new habit of a healthy diet, the Be Well Cleanse is a terrific place to start! Contrary to popular belief, this is not your typical “Cleanse” experience. The structure is built to be easy to follow and manageable for a busy life on the go.

Eliminate Irritants
Try a 2-week elimination diet that removes common irritants and reduces inflammation.  This helps you to discover what works best for your unique body for the long-run, rather resolving to do another strict “fad diet” that just doesn’t work. Don’t let the word “eliminate” worry you. It’s still very manageable and you have plenty of options for swaps.

Address Your Gut
Digestive Enzymes, GI Herbal, and L-Glutamine can help reduce bloat, gas, and and heal permeability of the gut lining. Enzymes support the body to break down macronutrients, GI Herbal helps kill off overgrowth of yeast/bacteria/parasites, and L-Glutamine feeds your microvilli that can become damaged by food irritants. Microbiome imbalances can lead to so many symptoms that are invaluable to address for long-term results. Otherwise, symptoms could resurface without having solved the problem.  This can lead to breaking our good habits because we think it’s not working!  Long-term results can be achieved when the microbiome is corrected.  

Kill Cravings
Be Well Cleanse Shakes offer liver detox support and most importantly, satisfy and kill sugar cravings. That’s the element my clients have all loved most while on the Cleanse. Some were hesitant to try, but were amazed how great they felt. They now order the products regularly and do a Cleanse if sugar cravings have crept back in. It’s not about perfection. Simply having the go-to tools you need so you know how to get right back on track!  That will also lend itself to sustained practice and great health, rather than all or nothing.

Now it’s your turn.  Get on the “Non-Resolution” New Year train and try a Cleanse!  It’s a fantastic way to achieve a fresh start and finally accomplish sustainable changes for your health.  


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