Hugh Masakela

Here is Hugh Masakela, one of South Africa’s finest musicians, doing his version of Stimela. I have seen him doing it a number of times in concert and listened to it hundreds of times on my ipod and it still gives me shivers up my spine…..haunting and moving….an absolute classic!!!!!!!!!!.

His friend from childhood, Morris Goldberg, who is his band leader and has played with him for probably a good 40 years now, is just stunning on the sax here. This must be one of my favorite South African songs of all time.

Apart from being a great musician, he is an incredible human being as well. He has donated his services and played at 3 of our benefits for the Ubuntu Education Fund, twice in London and once in NY with Paul Simon.

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  • Sheryl

    thank you for sharing… very powerful and poignant.

  • Bill F

    Thanks for reminding us what a great musician he is, Frank. I have this tune on vinyl and bring out late at night from time to time and get transported.