Inside the Icebox: Health Coach Anne Markt

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach at Be Well, Anne Markt spends her days helping people overcome challenges to healthy eating. The advice she gives the most? Keep it simple. Anne practices what she preaches, keeping her fridge stocked with these straightforward ingredients that save time, money, and fuss.

“My food philosophy is straight out of Michael Pollen’s Food Rules: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. I try to keep it simple and stress-free.”

“There are a lot of snacks in my fridge. I love (1) tricolor carrots (they’re more fun to eat!) and (2) Hope organic garlic hummus. Now that it’s summer, I’m also in the mood for (3) celery and almond butter or (4) fresh organic strawberries.”

“I always have Primal Kitchen ranch dressing on hand. It’s particularly delicious at breakfast atop scrambled eggs with veggies.” 

“I recently got so excited to discover Costco’s organic produce in family size containers for half the cost of other stores where I shop. I even saw GT Synergy Kombucha that averages between $2.99 and $5.99 at places I buy from, but it’s $2.50 per bottle in bulk! That’s quite a savings.”

“I take (5) Be Well’s Omega-3s, Probiotic, and D3 daily. I also utilize a high quality multivitamin and digestive enzymes at meal times. I’ve truly felt the results from these products.”

“My weakness is (6) dark chocolate. I love experimenting and creating healthy versions of otherwise unhealthy options, like desserts, to satisfy my sweet tooth.”

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