These 10 Instagram Accounts Will Inspire You to Be Well

At Be Well, we’re obsessed with Instagram – it’s a place for inspiration, information, and beauty (also: adorable puppy videos, but that is a discussion for another day). Few things make us happier than seeing the amazing smoothies you create, the workouts you rock, and the happy moments you snap. Instagram is the perfect place to get inspired to live the Be Well lifestyle.

As we gear up for our next group cleanse on September 18, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wellness accounts for healthy living to keep us inspired every day (even the days we’re just not feeling it). Warning: Scrolling through these feeds may cause a serious case of #instaspiration.


MindBodyGreen curates a beautiful Instagram feed, perfectly aligned with their mission to revitalize the way people eat, move, and live. We are proud to call them our friends!


Seamus Mullen, chef/owner of Tertulia and El Colmado in New York City, embraced real foods to heal his body (you can read his super-inspiring story here). Follow Seamus for a behind-the-scenes look into his busy kitchen, adventurous lifestyle, and inspiring example of how #realfoodheals.


Alison Wu is the smoothie queen – just look at this gorgeous creation! Every recipe, from her tropical Coconut-Papaya Smoothie to her creamy Cacao Smoothie Bowl, is a surefire winner.


Well + Good has it all: fitness, yoga, healthy food, natural beauty, and more. Follow them for equal doses of information and inspiration.


The DaisyBeet account is one of our favorite Instagram discoveries! She is a food artist who makes the most simple salads look breathtaking. Follow her for easy meal inspiration.


Health and wellness enthusiast Hannah Bronfman is constantly trying new products and workout studios – her insider info and fun, approachable attitude about exercise makes us want to try new ways to get our sweat on.


On a new eating plan like the Be Well cleanse, planning and preparation is super-important. For food prep inspiration, we go to Lee Tilghman, whose Instagram account features foolproof tips for simplifying time in the kitchen.


Alison Marras is a holistic health coach who focuses on gluten-free, paleo and Autoimmune protocol recipes. Her creations are beautiful, delicious, and cleanse-friendly – her recipe for Grilled Shrimp with Spinach Pesto Zoodles will quickly become your fave.



No excuses – we can get moving anytime, anywhere! Barre3 shows us how to fit exercise into the busiest schedules and smallest spaces.


Ready to Be Well?We’ve got everything from group cleanses and giveaways to online workshops that will keep you inspired to live your healthiest life. Give us a follow on Instagram! (While you’re at it, tell us what Instagram accounts are keeping you inspired.)


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