Interview With Holli Thompson About Her New Book “Discover Your Nutritional Style”

Dr. L: Its clear that you not only feel passionate about the process of one’s unique discovery, but that your understanding comes from a deep expertise. Can you say more about this?

Holli: One of the core beliefs and guiding principles in my practice is that food has a profound effect on how we feel long after we are done eating. Not only this, but every person is different and thrives on a unique diet.

Like you (and with you for that matter), I have worked with clients of varying degrees of health and circumstances from all around the world. This provided me the tangible proof of the profound ways each person’s diet impacts their life. I wanted to provide people with a beautiful, easy to “digest” and light-hearted guide for trying to live a healthier life without unnecessary restrictions and the overwhelm that can come along with a new dietary regime. 

Dr. L: And so “Discover Your Nutritional Style” was born! You bring up some hard to swallow truths in a gentle and fun way. Want to speak to that?

Holli: I am a big believer that people need to go through the journey of discovery of their personal “Nutritional Style” and then use it to design a diet and life they love. But yes, there are certain facts we need to hear (but often prefer to ignore), such as the fact that there are some foods everyone needs and others everyone would do better to avoid. I call them Bad Boys and Serial Killers. I don’t hold back when discussing this topic in my book.

Dr. L: How do you keep food and nutrition fun and fluid while raising children and also running a business?

Holli: Well, I am a big fan of optimizing each season of the year in order to make the most out of every day. This allows you to magically and deliciously add flavor and pizzazz to everything you eat, even making a pitcher of water feel like an indulgence. When you make healthy-living essentials a priority, not a requirement, living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle becomes instantly more approachable and accessible, to everyone.

Dr. L:  Well said! Holli, what I love about you and Discover Your Nutritional Style is your authenticity. I know you have struggled and suffered with your own health. What was the turning point for you?  

Holli: The body can’t thrive on the same foods in the middle of summer as it can in the middle of winter, and a clear understanding about how and when to adjust the diet based on the time of year makes flourishing all year long fun and do-able. I was focused on perfection and rules for far too long, and my health suffered. I cannot stress enough the importance of a lifestyle that is non-restrictive, life enhancing, energizing, and simple.

Dr.L: I may be biased (I wrote the forward after all!), but we couldn’t put this book down at Be Well. I highly recommend you add it to your library, as I know you will come back to this again and again throughout the year.

Thanks Holli, and congratulations!

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