Interview with the amazing Bulali Dyakopu from Ubuntu

Bulali Dyakopu, an incredible young woman.

I was recently in South Africa and visited the Ubuntu Fund, where I met this amazing young woman, Bulali Dyakopu. Since being enrolled in Ubuntu’s programs four years ago, she has received a variety of basic necessities and support from Ubuntu, including counseling after it was discovered that she had experienced losses in her family, but had never been given the opportunity to express her grief. At Ubuntu, she has had access to individual counseling and access to support groups, in which she met other children who faced similar challenges.

Although she grew up in incredible poverty, Bulali has never let her circumstances slow her down and has distinguished herself as an ambitious, curious, and creative student. Because of her excellent academic work and dedication, Bulali qualified for Ubuntu’s informational trips to South African universities. Although she was already a very motivated student, these trips clarified her goals and inspired her to study even harder. Her hard work has paid off. At the end of her senior year of high school, Bulali was accepted to multiple universities. She chose to attend Rhodes University, one of the top schools in South Africa.  I sat down with her just before she left for Rhodes, where she is studying journalism on an Ubuntu scholarship.