Is Food Affecting Your Mood?

We all have our ups and downs, but if you’re feeling anxious, depressed or lethargic and can’t seem to shake it, your diet may be to blame. Have you ever heard that the gut is considered the 2nd brain? Gut health is a major factor in feeling happy, so food and mood are very intimately linked. There are certain foods that could be contributing to your mood swings more than others — a diet high in processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals has been shown to have a significant impact on mental health.

Here are 5 culprits that may be zapping your vitality and leading to major mood swings.


Even people without a gluten allergy can become foggy-brained and lethargic after eating gluten, and many people who give up gluten for long periods of time and then reintroduce it report they experience heightened anxiety. It can also suppress your immune system, which can lead to feeling fatigued.


Sugar will put you on the mood rollercoaster – fast! A sugar high might give you a boost of energy quickly, but the crash can bring you to even deeper lows, leaving you feeling unmotivated, anxious and depressed. This leads to more sugar cravings to lift you back up, keeping you on the up and down ride until you decide to call it quits.


Coffee, when used in moderation, can often be a pleasurable way to start the day and get a quick jolt of feel-good energy — but it’s often used for instant gratification when you’re already exhausted, and if that’s the case, you’re creating an energy deficit in your body that only leaves you wanting more to stay even-keeled. Although coffee does have some health benefits, the energy highs and lows can lead to heightened anxiety and depression if you’re using it as a drug.


There’s a reason why alcohol is called a “downer.” Think about the last time you had a hangover, or even felt slightly affected by alcohol – the mood dips that follow a night of drinking are almost impossible to escape. The constant self-medication rollercoaster of alcohol and caffeine is often par for the course for most people, which can become a slippery slope.

Processed Foods

Foods that are chemical-laden and contain processed vegetable oils, additives, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your emotional state. Processed foods contribute to inflammation in the body, which affects brain health.

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