Is It Time For A Cleanse?

Have you ever thought about going on a cleanse but hesitated, not knowing which one to choose or if it’s the right decision for you? Here at Be Well, we get a lot of questions about cleansing, and we see patients every day who end up embarking on a cleanse and getting great results.

We believe cleansing the body isn’t about starving yourself or skipping meals with family and friends. We focus on an elimination diet that rids the body of common allergens and inflammatory foods, and we add in shakes with detoxing nutrients that support liver function (the body’s main detoxification organ) and supplements that get rid of bad bacteria in the gut and promote healthy digestion.

So how do you know if it’s time for you to try a cleanse?

You’re feeling lethargic and want to boost your energy

If you’re tired and drained and don’t have the energy to live your daily life with vibrance, your diet could be the culprit. A cleanse clears your system of any foods that are zapping you of your energy (the biggest culprits are usually gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine) and gives your digestive system a re-boot.

You’re carrying extra weight, feeling bloated or puffy

If you want to lose weight in a way that nourishes your body and gets you on the right track for changing your habits for the long term, a cleanse can be a great option. By cutting out the foods that are triggers for weight gain and learning to find healthy replacements, you’ll be setting yourself up for sustainable weight loss. Plus, on this cleanse you can still enjoy meals at restaurants and cook delicious meals at home – we have tons of cleanse-friendly recipes to choose from!

You want to clean up a sluggish digestion

Good health starts in the gut, so if your digestion is off, it could be affecting you in more ways than one. If you often feel constipated, bloated, gassy, or have stomach aches and indigestion, it may be time to clean up your gut with a cleanse. The Be Well Cleanse includes digestive enzymes and anti-microbial herbs for the gut, which help you to digest your food better, get rid of the bad bacteria and get things running smoothly.

You’re feeling attached or addicted to certain foods

We all know the feeling of being attached to foods – needing that coffee, glass of wine, cheese or chocolate. If you’re relying on certain things like caffeine and sugar to get through the day, the cleanse can help you reset, ditch the unhealthy cravings and begin to crave things that truly nourish you.

You want to kick start to a healthier way of eating and new habits for the long term

Sometimes, being disciplined for a short period of time can help you find the middle way. If you want to create a lifestyle that is healthy but also leaves room for the occasional indulgence, but you feel like you don’t even know where to start, a cleanse might be a great option. You’ll change your habits, learn new healthy ideas, and reset your “norm” to be more health-supportive.

You want clearer, glowing skin

Your skin is a mirror of the internal state of your body. If you’re having breakouts or other skin issues, it can be a sign that something on the inside isn’t right. Skin issues are often a result of inflammation in the body, so removing anti-inflammatory foods on a cleanse can result in your skin clearing up and having a healthy glow.

When should you NOT do a cleanse?

If you’re feeling weak and run down, or your body is underweight, cleansing may not be the best choice for you. In that case you’ll want to build yourself up with the addition of nourishing foods and supplements to help combat any deficiencies, rather than cleanse. The Daily Dose shake can be a great addition to your life!

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