Is Your Make-up Toxic?
Find Out Fast With Two Health-Saving Apps

On this blog, my contributors and I often discuss the dangers of personal care and cosmetic products because so many of their ingredients include toxic chemicals that put health at risk. What’s worse, this chemical exposure is an essential part of the daily routine for millions of people who, in the name of outward cleanliness and beauty, are actually doing quite the opposite to their insides. So what does all this exposure look like? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), for the average woman, it works out to roughly 168 chemicals via personal care and cosmetic products every day!

Over the past few years, as reports of lead-laden lipsticks and moisturizers made with known carcinogens has spread beyond the wellness community, consumers have finally become more conscious of the chemicals they’re putting on their faces and bodies. Problem is, without a PhD in chemistry, it’s been all but impossible for consumers to read a label, understand what the ingredients are, how toxic, and just what kind of impact those chemicals may be having on their health.

But in the last few weeks, the veil has been lifted, thanks to two clever new apps – the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep and Lily Tse’s Think Dirty – both of which are blowing the lid off the seemingly impenetrable world of personal care and cosmetics ingredients. They’ve made it simple for consumers to make smarter, less toxic choices with just a swipe of the smartphone.

With these two apps, consumers can instantly find out about and make sense of the ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products, see how they high they rate in terms of safety or toxicity, and identify cleaner options via searchable databases and barcode scans, all while shopping the aisles of their local store.

The EWG’s Skin Deep app offers ingredient information, safety assessments and ratings for more than 72,000 personal care and cosmetic products, while the Think Dirty app features information on more than 12,000 popular American and Canadian items, a rating system, plus listings of ingredients banned in some countries but not others.

Bottom line: these two apps give consumers the power to make informed decisions about what goes on and into their bodies – and is an absolute must-have apps for those who believe they just can’t live without these kind of products. And the best news of all? They’re free!

To download EWG Skin Deep iPhone app, visit here.

To download Think Dirty iPhone app, visit here.

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