John Oliver on Marketing to Doctors

John Oliver does it again. This video is smart, hilarious and very important — it is a MUST watch. Drug companies spend $4 billion a year marketing directly to consumers, and $24 billion a year marketing to health care providers. John Oliver — and many others (including myself) — have some issues with that!  Please watch and share your comments.

  • Elaine Springer

    The segment depicting the woman from Pharma discussing the proper items pharmaceutical representatives are permitted to bring doctors for lunch is surreal ! To comply with the new code she suggests pizza, turkey sandwiches, or maybe ham for fear of focussing too much on turkey and of course no more steaks. This is what they discuss at professional organization meetings ?! It seems to me more like a SNL skit.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately true. I have been an RN for 40 yrs and have seen elaborate gift given to physicians, however the bigger problem is that American med schools only teach MDs how to treat disease, not prevent, the lobbyist for big pharm is DC powerful and the average American wants that “fix” from their MD….not happy unless they leave with an Rx. Sad, but true.

  • reggie

    Basically it is a SNL skit. Nothing real about the presentations except the goodies. The CMEs generally are basically continued medical exploitation for big pharma.