From the Be Well Kitchen: Leftover Wraps

Since being pregnant with my first child last year, I’ve become increasingly committed to ensuring our family is eating healthy, fresh food. Since then I’ve become one busy mama, so efficiency is now also incredibly important. I’m a big proponent of cooking once and eating twice, but it’s also nice to have some staple fridge clean-out meals in mind, ready to deploy when your leftovers are becoming unruly.

Leftover wraps are one of my favorite solutions! The filling can be made with basically whatever’s on hand (rice, beans and veggies work great), and rolled up in cabbage, collard, kale, or any big leafy green.

This week I looked in my fridge and here’s what I found:

Black rice
Adzuki beans
2 poblano peppers
Handful of arugula
2 tomatoes
Flat leaf cabbage

We always have shallots (or onions) and garlic on hand, so I chopped some up, and threw it in a skillet with a little olive oil to brown.

Next I cored & chopped the peppers and tossed them in, cooking everything until they start to melt.

Next, I chopped the tomatoes and added to the mix, then the cooked rice and beans & mixed well.

To season with your favorites – I used salt & pepper, cajun powder, and a splash of tamari.

A few minutes before it’s finished add the arugula.

Wash your green leafy and cut away the stem if necessary. For tougher leaves, lay flat on top of your filling for a few moments to lightly steam and soften.

Place a few spoonfuls of your mixture in the center of your leafy, and wrap like a burrito.

We added a few slices of roasted butternut squash for a tasty side.