Wireless Technologies Cause Harm to Children and Adults

Wireless Technology

On Wednesday June 30th, The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP) mailed a report on the health hazards of wireless technologies to Governors, Members of Congress, President Obama and his Administration, as well as to thousands of health and environmental journalists.

Legislators and journalists are being urged to learn about the health consequences of microwave radiation exposure from cell phones, neighborhood antennas, wireless networks, wireless routers, DECT portable phones, and the potential health consequences of further chronic exposures from wireless broadband and new wireless utility technologies.

The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy is encouraging all to become engaged with this important public health issue impacting adults and children, as well as animals and nature.

A new book, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution co-authored by Dr. Magda Havas, Assoc. Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, and Camilla Rees, a future guest blogger on this site and Founder of ElectromagneticHealth, reviews the independent science on the health hazards of wireless radiation and offers recommendations to the public on how to live more safely in a wireless world.

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