My Life Has Changed Since the Be Well Cleanse

Be Well Cleanse
By Cayli Cavaco Reck as told to Katrine van Wyk

The Be Well Cleanse has truly changed my life, and I don’t say that lightly. Like so many women, I was frustrated and fed up with diets and gimmicky products; then I finally discovered the Cleanse. I had tried so many things and nothing had worked, so when a friend suggested that I do the Cleanse with her, I felt like maybe if we did it together, I could finally be successful!

I was so relieved to discover that the program was a lot easier to follow than I thought it would be and even easier to maintain afterward. If you follow it, you will see results!

I started it February 1, 2016, and now, in June, I am a dedicated Be Well fan. The Cleanse helped me lose weight, and, because it really targets inflammation, I felt so much better overall. That feeling of instant relief is very motivating. Even though the diet is restricted, I didn’t really feel like I was on a diet.

My weight has gone down a total of 20 pounds to date, and I am continuing to drop as I’ve embraced the Be Well lifestyle as my own now. I love how my skin glows from within. My relationship to food has also changed once and for all. Before the Cleanse I was more emotional around my eating habits. After the two-week cleanse, my body naturally fell into a new rhythm, and now my hunger is almost like clockwork, which means I can very easily plan to eat a nutritious and clean meal. I now know that eating whole, real, and organic foods is what fuels my body best and makes me feel great!

I continue to take GI Herbal  and Digestive Enzymes (the supplements found in the Be Well Cleanse) to keep my digestion working well. I also incorporated a new routine after completing the Be Well Cleanse: I start every Monday with a Cleanse shake to start my week off right and reset after the weekend, which can involve a few indulgences. I also see a trainer regularly. In many ways I am still leading my same life—I still eat out, I still eat chocolate, I am exercising the same amount, etc. The  thing that has really changed is that I don’t wonder or worry if my jeans will fit when I put them on, I know they will fit. That has released a lot of mental energy and made me feel much more joyful.

At least six of my friends have started the Cleanse once they witnessed my results. I believe in the Be Well mission and trust these products so much that I decided to add a selection of them—of course including the Be Well Cleanse—to the inventory at my pop-up shop, Knockout Beauty, in Bridgehampton, NY, this summer.