Look Great, Live Green by Deborah Burnes

In this great book in which I am honored to have written the forward, Deborah Burnes blends her effervescent personality with true scientific knowledge and sends a hard knock message to the beauty industry – stop misleading us. Look Great, Live Green reveals the harmful truth about the many chemicals and toxins lurking in the thousands of beauty products millions use each and every day. Relying on her unending rolodex of tips, tricks and secrets, readers walk away empowered, educated and armed with solutions that are both natural and get results without harming them, their children or the planet.

Truth be told, you can look good, feel good, and do good- without sacrificing time, money or results. Since she was old enough to buy her first lip gloss, Deborah Burnes has been obsessed with beauty products. But as she worked as a model, trained as a cosmetologist and herbologist and began to raise a family, she became a much more savvy consumer.

Lipstick with lead, powders with toxic talc, silicone that damages pores… Deborah knew there had to be a better way.

“We buy these products because we want to look good and feel our best, but looking good shouldn’t make us, or the planet, sick in the process.”

So Deborah set about combining all of her research about what works and what hurts with an industry insider’s tips, tricks and techniques. She debunked inflated label claims and eliminated dubious ingredients. The result was her all-natural, highly-successful, skin-care line … and now her first book, Look Great, Live Green.

In these pages, with infectious enthusiasm and no-nonsense practicality, Burnes shares her secrets, shortcuts and even recipes. You learn to:

  • de-mystify label claims and ingredients in everything from soaps, lotions, and toothpaste to deodorant, shampoo and makeup
  • detox skincare at every age and stage – baby, kid, teen, adult
  • enjoy natural and organic products on any budget

As Deborah says, once you are empowered with the green options and real-world solutions offered in Look Great, Live Green, “You save money, your skin, your health. You save the planet. That’s the best ending I could write.”

I highly recommend this great book on an extremely important yet ignored subject.