Mindset for Maintenance: Getting Clean and Staying There

A gentle cleanse, like the Be Well Cleanse, is based on whole food meals and detoxifying smoothies and herbal supplements, not starvation. Cleaning up your diet and removing inflammatory foods based on the Cleanse diet allows your body to focus on rejuvenation, instead of repair, and can increase your energy, leaving you feeling revitalized. Glowing skin, fabulous moods, happy thoughts, and clearer thinking are all common results from the many groups that I’ve led through the Be Well Cleanse. However, sustaining this eating style and level of well-being can be a challenge once your cleanse is over.

A shift in thinking and behavior post-Cleanse is necessary to maintain healthy habits and continue to feel your best. After asking dozens of our clients for their insight and advice, we have compiled our best recommendations and tips for you.

Ready to feel your best even after the cleanse? Here are 5 ways to shift your thinking to stay clean and feel great during the Cleanse phase and beyond:

1. Progress, not perfection:  Everyday life is stressful, and even my most well-intended clients find perfection difficult to attain. Who wants to be perfect, anyway? It’s often a set-up to NOT be perfect, and go off the rails. Don’t sweat it if you miss your morning smoothie, or your Monday run or barre class. Make it work as best you can and keep going. Make your next choice the right one.

2. Savor your food:This approach is tried and true, which is why I love it.  When you focus on the amazing produce and delicious whole foods options at your disposal, you won’t think twice about ditching parmesan cheese or other trigger foods that wreak havoc on your body. Go for variety, and be sure you love what you eat.

3. Baby steps…and sips: Hydration is key to long-term success both during the Cleanse and after for appetite control, brain functioning, energy, and overall health. But it can be daunting to get your daily dose if you think of it in terms of number of glasses, right?  Begin to drink water early in the day, and keep it steady until late afternoon, or very early evening, so that you’re not up all night.  On busy days, I keep my portable water bottle filled. When I’m at home, a good rule of thumb I follow is to drink one glass of water every hour.

4. Sit down and eat:  It can be very easy, and tempting, to eat on the run or while doing something else.  But it can leave you feeling hungrier than before you started, and you’ll almost always overeat when you do.  Even worse, your food won’t have a chance to digest properly, and you’ll undo the progress you made rebuilding your gut bacteria during the Cleanse.  Take time to chew, savor, and enjoy your meals.  You’ll feel better and be more productive the rest of the day.

5. Celebrate along the way:  Changing your habits and improving your daily behavior is not easy.  So, acknowledge your progress, and celebrate those small wins.  Skipped the glass of wine at the cocktail party?  Great!  Got in an extra mile of walking between meetings?  Fantastic!  Took the stairs or snacked on veggies?  You’re the boss! Stay focused on what works and congratulate yourself for how far you have come.  Self love will do wonders for your immune system, and keep you in top shape at the same time.

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